An Island AdventureFIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

An Island Adventure

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Last weekend I decided to take a short, two day trip, to Palermo on the island of Sicily. I was in pursuit of some warmer weather and great sites. I was not disappointed!

The first day, I decided to take a walk around Palermo and take in the attractions. Palermo is a beautiful city, complete with the amazing architecture of the Byzantine, Arab, and Italian civilizations; all of who used to control the island. One of the most stunning sites I saw was the Cattedrale de Palermo, which featured all three of these cultures. I was also thrilled that Palermo was also armed with some of the best shopping in Southern Italy and I happily indulged.

The next day, I took a short train ride out to the village of Cefalù. The main attraction is the beach, which was amazing. It was great being able to sit out for hours in the warm sun, and it only being mid-march.

I loved my trip to Palermo and hope to return soon!


Cattedrale de Palermo

Cattedrale de Palermo

Teatro di Palermo

Teatro di Palermo

One Comment

  1. So glad to see you went to Sicily. I love Sicily though I never made it to Palermo because I had so much fun in Catania.
    Other than Naples which is still my favorite city in all of Italy I want to desparately go back and spend time in Sicily.
    Too bad I didn’t get to see you in the Spring but lets meet up and recount our Italian adventures when you return in the Summer.


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