Arezzo Antique Fair

This morning, we went to Arezzo for their monthly antique fair! They had everything from vintage jewelry, antique home decor, vintage paintings/photos, to collectable items! It was quite overwhelming with the amount of merchandise they had, but nevertheless, amazing. If I owned my own place in Italy, I definitely would’ve gone crazy with the antique furniture and decor!

{some IFD2 girls on the train!}

{leaning trees}

{I want to own a library some day with books like this!}

{Deer in headlights}


{vintage mini sewing machine}

{wall art}

{only 15 euros}

{details of a chair}

{black & white vintage photos}

{stamps from way back when}

{cute outdoor seating to a restaurant along the market}

{ciao Arezzo}
The antique fair is definitely worth checking out. I’m sure you won’t leave empty handed 😛