Whats’schoolerthanthat?FIT in Florence

FIT in Florence



“Art can be anywhere, you just have to look hard enough,” My mother used to tell me. I didn’t expect that Florence would be a city that seemed to live on a foundation of creativity. No wonder it was home to the renaissance. I have a slight obsession when it comes to Urban Street art, which you can find all over Florence. Not all graffiti is ugly or has to be scary or gang related. For example, the school I bike by every day is decorated by inspiring words transformed into the contemporary art form of ‘Tagging’, and when shops close, their doors are often covered by amazing artwork. If you’re lucky enough you might even spot a sign that has been transformed, like this sign with a heart I saw as I was walking around. Thank you F.I.T. for giving me the opportunity to live in a city where with each step I take I see art.

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