What’s Different in Italy?

Well let me tell ya! Apart from different electronic appliances, there’s the language, how Italians tell time, the currency and the idea of leasure time. The Euro: Exchange rate is typically $1.34-$1.47 us dollars to every Euro. The Bills: The smallest coin 1 cent (size of your pinky in diameter), 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 euro coin, 2 euro coin then 5 euro bill, 10 euro bill, 20 euro bill, 50 euro bill and up. Since coins are very typical in every day use a good idea to bring to Europe is a coin purse. Time: 6 hour difference to new york, Italy uses 24hr clock systems, and daylight savings is NOT on the same day as the U.S. Shopping: shopping can be strange in Italy when the only things that stay open late are bars. Most stores close for lunch breaks around 12 and open around 1 or 2 in the afternoon and most stores close at 6 or 7 (including clothing stores).  Grocery stores: It costs money to buy plastic grocery bags so most people bring their own bags. you can’t touch the produce without a glove and you have to weigh it and put a sticker on it. Ice Cream: Nothing else like it on earth… gelato!!

Here are some pictures of what the apliances look like (be sure to read the discription!)



And The Work Continues..

In my previous post (here), I talked about the working progress of our graduation portfolios, but on top of that, we’re also working on our exhibition/graduation garments! Each student found inspiration from our trip to Paris and as a class came up with a concept for our designs. We’re still in the beginning stages of putting our patterns onto fabric, but I’m super excited to see how everyone interpreted the concept and put their own twist to it. And I think that’s the most interesting part about this project, since every single of one us are so different, to have one common theme and constructing garments individually to be shown as a collection. There’s only a few weeks left until graduation, so we’ll all definitely be breaking night till the completion of our portfolios and garments!

Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve been working on!

{Elisa and her skirt in muslin}

{Taylor with a preview of her dress}

{Sabrina in the process of cutting her patterns}

{Grace working on the understructure for her dress}

{Maggie draping her skirt}

{& the first layer of my dress with a 1/4 of the skirt missing :P}

Even with the amount of work we have, I made the time this weekend to enjoy the sunset at Piazza Michelangelo which overlooks the entire city of Florence. The view was breath-taking, and reminded me of why I love Florence so much..

{In paradise– at Piazza Michelangelo}
Who needs a vacation when you live in a city with a view like this?!

The Trip to Two Continents

Last week, my friends and I decided to take a long weekend trip to Istanbul, Turkey. The unique city literally featured “the best of both worlds”. Situated on the Bosporus Straight, half of this city lies on the continent of Europe, while the other half lies on the continent of Asia. The city also combines both the Christian culture of Europe with the Islamic culture of the middle-eastern portions of Asia.  

            Our first day began early, with a long tour. We saw historical sites such as the Hagia Sofia and The Blue Mosque. These were some of the most beautiful religious sites I have ever seen. The tour concluded with a trip to the Grand Baazar where we were able to buy authentic Turkish souvenirs.

The next day was fairly relaxed. We decided that we should take a trip to the Asian side of the city before we left, so that we could say that we have been on the continent. The Asian side was much more authentic, with very few people speaking English. It was a great experience but we left quickly. Our night concluded with a delicious Turkish dinner overlooking the Hagia Sofia

Overall our trip was fantastic. Istanbul was an incredibly distinctive place, which I would highly suggest people to visit!



“Art can be anywhere, you just have to look hard enough,” My mother used to tell me. I didn’t expect that Florence would be a city that seemed to live on a foundation of creativity. No wonder it was home to the renaissance. I have a slight obsession when it comes to Urban Street art, which you can find all over Florence. Not all graffiti is ugly or has to be scary or gang related. For example, the school I bike by every day is decorated by inspiring words transformed into the contemporary art form of ‘Tagging’, and when shops close, their doors are often covered by amazing artwork. If you’re lucky enough you might even spot a sign that has been transformed, like this sign with a heart I saw as I was walking around. Thank you F.I.T. for giving me the opportunity to live in a city where with each step I take I see art.

A Work in Progress

As the first week of midterms have gone by, us IFD2 students have been working on our portfolios and our exhibition garments. From now till the second week of April, we will be burying ourselves in our work. Below are some photos of our working progress! Can’t wait to see everyones final collections!! :)

{Gaysha working on her figures}

{Katelyn cutting her pantone color chips}

{Anne lost in a world of swatches!}

{Maggie (left) looking for inspiration & Honey checking her swatches}

{Elisa with her music on and world off}

{Taylor going over her concept with Prof. Feuerherm, also the director for the FIT Milan program– for 3rd & 4th year students}
{Thumbnails, inspiration, color cards, swatches & color pencils}

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a good, relaxing weekend! Or drowning yourself in your portfolio… :)