How’s the Living?

It’s almost midterms in our 2nd semester here in Italy. Towards the beginning of the semester many people were changing their house arrangements. I, as well, decided to change where I was living. I found a home here in Italy that is incredible. Although it is a bit farther from the school it is nice to come home to a beautiful house. Many of the girls here have very nice accommodations fitting their needs wither it is silence, space, comfort, convenience or affordability. Most of the living in Italy isn’t newly built but the rustic antique vibes can be fantastic when trying to find that burst of inspiration. Some of the first year girls have decided to room with other girls in second year, some girls have found apartments by themselves or home stays and a few (like me) are living with Italians. The possibilities are endless, if you don’t feel comfortable living with Italians you can room with a friend but the quickest way to learn Italian is living with people that speak it fluently. Thank You F.I.T. for giving me the opportunity to live in such a beautiful city!!

Paris… The City of Opportunities

Paris brings a lot of opportunities for fashion design students. Being in Study Abroad with F.I.T. we have the advantage of going to different places. We went to the YSL foundation where they have kept every single fashion drawing that Yves Saint Laurent ever drew. We also met an eco designer by the name of Eva Zingoni who had an Intern that was mentored by Zac Posen and is now working free lance in Paris at the age of 23. Eva Zingoni’s Idea of taking the unused fabrics from top end designers reinvents the idea of moderation and using surplus to one’s advantage. First ever tour of the Hermes store in Paris was given to all the fashion design students from Florence attending F.I.T. We learned about every little detail of the reason things are decorated a certain way and we heard many different stories about all the celebrities that had visited the store. In Paris there is a store on Rue du Bouloi that takes eating to a whole new level. Many fiction writers have imagined that in the future we would all be drinking fumes and eating magic pills. Who would have thought that drinking fumes is possible today? The Lab Store created this candy tube called le whiff where you breathe in the partials of chocolate get a great full mouthful of flavor without the calories! We also went to Premier Vision and a couture pleater and my favorite… The Louvre!!  Paris was incredible, thank you again F.I.T. in Florence!!! Oh and here is a hint about what spring/summer of 2013 will bring: A lot of Green!

J’adore Paris

As David mentioned below, our school took an academic trip to Paris this past week! Our schedules were jam packed with industry appointments, museum visits and a trip to Premiere Vision! Even with a tight itinerary, we had the evenings to enjoy the beautiful city.
Here are a few photos from the week :) Enjoy~
Metropolitan stop designed by architect, Hector Guimard

La Seine

lit up night streets

Notre Dame

Hotel de Ville 
Sacre Coeur

Parisian cemetery @ Monmarte

Louvre Museum

inverted triangle inside the Louvre 

A view of the Alexander Bridge while on the cruise along the Seine

a 2 floor carousel

& of course, Eiffel Tower during the hourly light show
At the end of our trip, I really didn’t want to leave.. Paris is SO beautiful and I definitely want to make a trip back when the weather’s warmer :)
J’adore Paris!

Paris’ Most Beautiful Boat Cruise

This week our school took a fantastic academic field trip to Paris. During the trip, FITSA organized an activity to take a boat cruise on the River Seine. While the weather was quite cold, the sights were fantastic. Everything from the Eiffel Tower, to the historic Notre Dame was visible from the boat. This was all experienced with a fantastic Nutella crepe in hand, provided by the on-board cafe. Everyone had a great time.

“Round Round Get Around I Get Around”

“Round, round, get around. I get around,” said The Beach Boys, but boy do Italians know how to get around because there are more than enough ways to get around in Italy! From tram to train and bus to bike if you need to get somewhere Florence has something to get you there. I prefer to walk, this way I get to see everything around me and it’s easier to find small little stores that you have never seen before. But every morning I take my bike to school and then home again. This is environment friendly, but don’t get too casual with where you put your bike or else someone will be friendly enough to leave you with a whole lotta nothing. Buses are the most inconvenient convenience. Almost never on time, will leave without you, you will be fined if you don’t have a ticket (up to 240 Euros), can get overly crowded, and they go on strikes… a lot. But the upsides are: You know when there will be a strike, if the bus is late another will come in 15-30 min., it’s one of the faster ways to get around, and the tickets are cheap if you know which ones to get. [Helpful insight: If you don’t want to pay for a year round ticket I suggest getting a 30 euro swipe card… it gives you 35 rides of 90min each to use at your discretion. Regular tickets are 1,20]. The other ways of getting around are Motorcycles, Scooters, and of course cars… but watch out! It’s a game of don’t bump the  bumper-cars in Italy. Oh and if you’re the kind that prefers to get out of Florence there are Buses, Trains and Airplanes at your convenience. Oh and don’t forget…., counterclockwise around the roundabout is the “smarter” way to go… I’ve tried the other direction. Trust me, doesn’t work.