Pitti Immagine Filatti 2012

Last Thursday, my class had the opportunity to attend the Pitti Filatti show here in Florence, which is one of the main international events for the yarn industry. As aspiring designers, we were able to see color and yarn forecasts for the upcoming seasons! It was awesome being able to know that we are amongst the first people to see color and yarn trends before anyone else! The show was more than just piles of yarn but color trends were displayed throughout the event through sniff and color combos, foods, drinks, outfits made of knitted yarn swatches, fun colored stools, and etc!
The event was filled with great inspiration for buyers, designers, students, and the like!

Here are some photos taken with my Iphone, which explains the quality :/ Really regretted not lugging my dslr this time. But you can click HERE, and check out their media gallery! 
my roommate, Elisa at the entrance / our Pitti Filati entrance cards

lots of neon!
color forecast yarns / great backdrop
more yarn forecasts 
color forecasts with food!
color forecasts through scent!
raw yarn in these colored funnels, all colors and scents correlating to future colors!
Outfits, and outfit details made of yarn swatches:




Sorry for the photo overload! Had SO many to chose from, it was quite difficult to narrow down! But hopefully these photos gave you a look at some great color inspirations for the future 😉

Hike up Fiesole!

In one of the first FITSA events of the new semester, we planned a trip to go to the city of Fiesole. The catch was, not only were we going to the city, we were going to hike to the top of the mountain the city sits in the middle off.

The hike started off simply merely walking the streets of Fiesole up gently sloping hills. However, in time the “hills” became mountainous and the paths became dirt.

After hiking for two hours we finally reached the top of the mountain. Arriving at the summit gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. The view from the top was fantastic and we could see all around the surrounding valleys.

In retrospect, while I was very tired, I enjoyed the hike immensely. I was also able to take some fantastic panoramas of Firenze from the mountain!

& We’re Back in Firenze

Hi again! :) It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, but now I’m back in Italy and all settled in for my second semester abroad in Florence! Winter break seems to have flown by and now we’re already in our first week of Spring semester! I haven’t been carrying my dslr much, since I’ve been busy unpacking and settling, but I did purchase an Iphone for this semester which comes with a pretty good quality camera in my opinion!

Here are a few snapsnots around Florence (via Iphone) before I get back into the swing of things! Enjoy~  
welcomed back to Firenze to AMAZING weather / pretty street lighting 
my favorite- basil, mozzarella & tomatoes / made a trip to Grom for the best gelato in the city 
Green-White-Read chairs / BEAUTIFUL interior of our new school campus @ Villa Favard 
dinner & FITSA board meeting at Grace’s :)  / tonight’s sunset on the Arno <3

 I’m anticipating another exciting semester here in Florence! With our Paris trip next month and all the events FITSA has in mind :) Photos to follow!