Arrivederci Firenze!FIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

Arrivederci Firenze!


It’s my last night  here in Florence for the year 2011!! I cannot fathom how quickly this semester has gone by. From the first days at the hostel, till now, packing and getting ready to leave all feels like a dream.  It feels as if as soon as I adjusted to the Italian lifestyle that I’m packing and getting ready to go home! But will be back for a second round of carbs in the spring 🙂
I remember going to school at Polimoda for the first time, and received this copy of the Florentine (the local paper in English) & it’s funny to see how people and myself have (or have not) changed!

{Before & After Studying Abroad!! –Florentine Sept 2011 Issue}
Not quite sure if I’m as cool yet, but we’ll have to see at the end of next semester! 😉

Now I have to get back to packing and cleaning the apartment before my landlord stops by tomorrow! But will leave you with these photos of the most beautiful, hanging Christmas lights all over Florence! Seems like every street has their own version of Christmas lights, especially closer towards the Duomo!

{those red things aren’t bows, but fleurs-de-lis!}
Safe travels to everyone going home & Happy Holidays! 😀 Talk to you in the New Year!

[ps.- more photos HERE on my personal blog, from the Christmas Party! enjoy~]

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