Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

With only hours left in the year 2011, I wanted to post a few favorite photos of Florence from this past semester. This is also to remind me of how beautiful the city is, and the things I’ll be looking forward to when I fly back in mid-January for spring semester!

Hope you enjoy the photos &  have an amazing New Year!!

{framed street art}
{I always want to buy these people a canvas! Too amazing to get washed away}
{my first week in Florence- the view while walking home from school}
{Piazza della Republica at night}
{walking around the Duomo}
{Italian flag}
{picture perfect- with not a cloud in the sky}
{street performers}
{the Arno River at sunset}
{my last photo taken in Florence- the Christmas tree right in front of the Duomo}

Wishing the best for 2012, and excited for this blog to continue to grow in the new year!  Cheers!

Arrivederci Firenze!

It’s my last night  here in Florence for the year 2011!! I cannot fathom how quickly this semester has gone by. From the first days at the hostel, till now, packing and getting ready to leave all feels like a dream.  It feels as if as soon as I adjusted to the Italian lifestyle that I’m packing and getting ready to go home! But will be back for a second round of carbs in the spring :)
I remember going to school at Polimoda for the first time, and received this copy of the Florentine (the local paper in English) & it’s funny to see how people and myself have (or have not) changed!

{Before & After Studying Abroad!! –Florentine Sept 2011 Issue}
Not quite sure if I’m as cool yet, but we’ll have to see at the end of next semester! 😉

Now I have to get back to packing and cleaning the apartment before my landlord stops by tomorrow! But will leave you with these photos of the most beautiful, hanging Christmas lights all over Florence! Seems like every street has their own version of Christmas lights, especially closer towards the Duomo!

{those red things aren’t bows, but fleurs-de-lis!}
Safe travels to everyone going home & Happy Holidays! 😀 Talk to you in the New Year!

[ps.- more photos HERE on my personal blog, from the Christmas Party! enjoy~]

Suite Suit…

Imagine wearing a piece from the new Dior autumn/winter line, Ferragamo Pumps and clutch, and a killer pair of Dolce and Gabbana shades. Then imagine stepping out of a Ferrari Scaglietti (in black) and being ushered to your suite in a five star hotel on the river bank of Florence called the St. Regis. Sometimes I wish that was me, but sadly I was only a spectator.

One of the people I share an apartment with is a dance instructor and he invited me to watch a show case at the St. Regis hotel. It was shocking to see a place that beautiful. Gold, expensive fabrics, and paintings galore!! I walked into the ballroom and was even more stunned with what the women and men were wearing. Flowy fabrics and styles inspired by the 20’s flapper girls and the 30’s Hollywood glamor. It was when I was watching these women twirl and spin that an amazing realization hit me. The movement of the body can either enhance a garment or be enhanced by a garment. I know teachers can tell you this over and over again but then again Goethe said it best, “In the end we retain from our studies only that which we practically apply.”

When the dancers stopped and the music turned to a lull of sound I decided to leave. On exiting the hotel I saw a larger man in an ebony suit with spit polished shoes. He had short white hair and was sporting not only diamonds and gold on his watch but I’m sure if he had any cavities they would have been capped with the same. All I could think was…. It’s the Godfather! I was tempted to run up to him, kiss his ring then beg him to fund my fashion career. But then again I’m not that gutsy.

A Hard Rock Christmas

In the spirit of the holidays, FITSA (FIT Student Activities), decided to throw a program wide Christmas party at the Hard Rock Café in Florence.  This was an excellent opportunity for us to celebrate the Christmas holidays together, as well as say goodbye to those semester students in our program, who are returning to FIT in New York for the spring semester.

Our group was seated in the best part of the restaurant, which was right in front of the stage. Since originally the Hard Rock was a movie theatre for the people of Florence, the stage featured a large silver screen which was playing rock and roll music videos.  The entire building was decorated beautifully.

After socializing for a bit, it was time for the meal. The menu was fantastic. It featured all of the “American” delicacies we had been missing; ranging from Burgers, to New York Strip Steak. I decided to indulge in the messiest of all choices, and chose the “BBQ Baby Back Ribs”. They were exceptional, and it was made better by the traditional American ice-cream Sunday topped with a cherry, to conclude the feast.
We concluded the party by taking pictures together and reminiscing about the fun times we had during the semester. It was a bitter-sweet moment for everyone, yet everyone still had a blast.


3rd Semester Draping

We finally turned in our final garments yesterday!! Which I think might be the biggest relief since our draping final garments are usually our biggest final project every semester. 3rd semester draping at FIT focuses on soft silhouettes, so we were given this powered blue jersey and an optional navy blue to use as accents for our final garments. Normally in the NYC campus, we definitely do not get free fabric to make an entire garment, but because we are a much smaller group here in Florence, and since we do not have the convenience of the garment district, we do get our fabric for free, but without much say in what we want. And you might not be a fan of the fabric or the color or etc., but you can’t always get what you want,  but it does save you money! (I definitely spent a lot of money previously on fabric every semester just for my final garments.)

In one of my previous posts, I had a few photos of some classmates working on their final garments, and now here are the final products :)
{IFD2 – Anne Wagnor}
{IFD2- Gaysha Ruiz}
{IFD2- Honey Brahman}
{IFD2- Maggie Clappis}
{IFD2- Brittany Keener}
{IFD2- Katelyn Odom}
{some close ups}
{IFD2- 3rd Semester Final Garments}

We’ve got our most (what I think) stressful final out of the way, but now off to work on our fashion illustration final project due Monday along with our Fashion Past & Present final exam..!!

p.s- Super excited for our FITSA Holiday Party tomorrow @ Hard Rock Cafe :) Photos to come~