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FIT in Florence

Good Food & Great Company


To those that celebrate, hope everybody had an amazing Thanksgiving with lots of yummy food!!
Thanksgiving obviously isn’t celebrated in Italy, but since most of us are from the states, FITSA held an amazing potluck dinner! It was so successful thanks to everyone bringing in delicious food that brought us all back home 🙂 It’s that time of year when we all want to be home with our families celebrating Thanksgiving and the coming holidays, but while we’re here, FIT has become family. All the food was incredible and way more than enough!

{we had an endless amount of food}
{so delicious, then went into a food coma..}
{FMM girls dressed in shades of autumn}
{Picked up Pocahontas, a few Indians & a pilgrim on the way}
{festive stones}
{some bubbly & smiles after dinner}

{oh, fashion design}
{FIT family}

I’m so glad so many people came out including a few professors 🙂 Felt like a real Thanksgiving dinner away from home. But let’s not forget the most important part of Thanksgiving- giving thanks! I am truly grateful for this opportunity to be studying abroad with these people, who were once all strangers and now family! And while living in the moment, it’s difficult to realize what we’ve got, especially with the stress of upcoming finals… but um hello.. I’m living in Italy!! Must make the most of the rest of the semester as it comes to an end in just about a month!

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