Olives Galore!FIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

Olives Galore!


Last weekend FITSA (FITStudent Activities) decided to have an event that would partake in the Italianritual of olive picking. Our trip began with a bus ride from Florence into the hills of Tuscany, to one of our advisors home, where we were promptly led tothe gorgeous olive grove.

We each chose one of two pre-selected trees and began getting down the olives into nets below. The olives were clumped onto the branches. The key of the entire endeavor was to be able to remove the olive clumps from the branch, without harming the tree or the leaves, which would need to remain intact for future seasons of olive growth. As such, the greatest care and ease was needed for the picking.

After picking for a two hours straight, we had thoroughly gotten all of the olives off the tree, and had filled two large containers. We were then led back to the home, for a mini-meal. The meal featured fresh Italian bread, excellent cheeses, and Italian prosciutto. Of course, there was also A LOT of olive oil, made from olives from the same trees that we had been picking from. I was stuffed from all of the great food.

The entire experience was a fantastic adventure. Not only did I enjoy picking the olives, but appreciated learning the techniques involved. The meal at the end was also an excellent capstone to a great day!

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