Automatically Post to Twitter, Facebook and More

In the past you had to jump through some hoops to get your posts sent directly to your affiliated Facebook or Twitter accounts.  Well, not anymore.  Jetpack was upgraded today to version 2.0 which includes a very powerful sharing tool that allows you to choose what social networks you want your information to post to automatically for you.  You also have the ability to choose by each post which networks to activate/deactivate.

Click on Jetpack in the left-hand navigation, and from the Jetpack menu find the option for “Publicize” and then click on “Configure.”  Connect your account one by one for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, or Yahoo.  If you are already logged into any of these networks, it should pick up the account right away.  Just be wary of what account you are signed into if you have more than one. Also be sure to save the setting changes at the bottom of the page.

After linking your networks you will now see a difference when you go to publish a new post.  You will have a few new options.


Publicize on WordPress

Just above the “Publish” button, all of your linked accounts will appear by default.  If you would like to disable one or more of your networks for a single post then choose “edit” to customize which networks to send to as well as the customized message sent.

Easy right?