Changing your “by-line” name in your posts

Do you have a nickname you prefer to go by? Or do you want just your first name to show when you post? No sweat.

Click on your name on the upper-right corner of the page from the dashboard to edit your profile and you will see that about half way down your profile there are a few options for you to play with on how your name will show.

If you have a nickname fill that in the “nickname” text box and then when you click the drop down menu next to “Display name publicly as” option, select the name that you want and be sure to save your changes.

WordPress - Edit Profile

WordPress - Change your screen name

Need a Proofreader?

eyeglassesI recently stumbled upon this proofreading option within the profile options in WordPress.  I tend to write a post when the moment strikes and even though my computer’s OS picks up on most typos, I am loving the build in option to proofread a post before publishing.

To activate the option hover over your name on the upper right corner of the window and select “Edit My Profile.”

WordPress -Edit Profile

Locate the section for Proofreading and make a selection of having your post proofread before you publish a post and/or when you update a post.

WordPress Proofread Option

I tried it out on my last post and after I clicked “Publish” a window popped up asking if I wanted to review the spelling/grammar errors found.  All of the items in question were underlined in red and very easy to find.