Enable Blog Comments through Facebook or Twitter

Social Media CommentsIntegrate social media login options for your blog’s comments:

If you haven’t had the chance to review all of the recent changes in the Jetpack menu, I wanted to make you aware of an option called “Jetpack Comments.”  By default  all FIT blogs are enabled to use a spam filter requiring all commenters to fill out their name and email address before a comment can be submitted for approval.  And in most cases, an administrator must always approve the comment before it goes live.

Jetpack Comments allows the commenter to use their Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress account if they have one to automatically log in.  Once you activate Jetpack Comments through the Jetpack menu additional options will appear under Settings > Discussion at the bottom of the page allowing you to choose a greeting text and a color scheme.


Disabling Comments on a Static Page

commentWith our recent theme additions, you may have noticed that not all themes are created equal when it comes to functionality and options.  A question that I have been getting is:

How can I turn off comments for a static page?

This option used to appear on the post page while you were writing/editing.  Most of the new themes do not have this option.  Not to fret.  There is a way to enable/disable comments.  From the navigation menu, click on “Pages” to give the list of your current (or draft) pages for your blog.  Hover over the page that you would like to first work with until the quick edit menu appears.  Click on “Quick Edit.”WordPress Quick Edit MenuThen locate the checkbox to enable/disable comments on the page.

WordPress Allow Comments

That’s it!

The quick edit menu has other features that may be useful to you such as a fast way to change a post title or author.