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Sweet Tomato

Cat Bordhi has done it again, come up with yet another take on sock knitting.  This time, she has taken all the angst out of wraps and turns for the short row heel with her Sweet Tomato Heel.  I don’t know about you, but even when I can remember where to put the yarn for the wraps, I rarely can find the wraps on the way back to knit them to avoid holes.  Cat taught us how to do it correctly in a class she gave at the Lion Studio last October, but…  I am a timid knitter, hanging on to my stitches with a death grip, not really wanting to risk lifting the wrap up and over the stitch to knit them together.  I am always afraid they will slip off the tip of my needle.

Clearly, I am not the only one of Cat’s students to feel this way.  She invented the Sweet Tomato with us in mind, and let me tell you, it is wonderfully easy.   Here is my first attempt:

picture of sock heel No gusset, no holes, no wraps to pick up.  Just a nice series of wedges and a lovely rounded heel that fits.  Cat has produced a serial e-book that explains the technique and shows how to apply it in some very clever patterns.

Read about it and order it from Cat’s website or from Ravelry.  The best part about the e-book is the instant gratification factor — you download each part as it is completed rather than having to wait for the whole book.  It also includes links to videos to demonstrate the techniques.  Cat has created a Ravelry group that already has hundreds of members, where you can discuss the technique, post pictures of your heels, and ask questions.  Cat is very active and generous with her time and advice.  When I posted this picture to the show-your-heels forum, I got a very nice note back from her, suggesting a way to avoid the slight “laddering” effect that I always seem to get when switching from one needle to the next.  Now that’s a teacher.  Thanks, Cat!