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Bearing Up…. While Stashing Down

Closeup of BearWell, here’s an idea for the stash-down.  Over the weekend I completed my first teddy bear for the Mother Bear Project.  I know, always late to the party.  Knitters have known about this for years, and my good pal Lidlady has created nearly a dozen herself.  She warned me that they are addictive, and she’s right.  I’m already working on a second one.

Go to the website to read about the project and see photos of all the kids with their bears.  You can buy the pattern (for knit or crochet versions, in-the-round or flat/seamed) on the site.  It is also available in the book, Knitting for Peace: Make the World a Better Place One Stitch at a Time, by Betty Christiansen.

Over on Ravelry, Barb and Tracie from the 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcast have started a Mother Bear KAL/CAL with some nifty prizes for randomly selected members of the group who post their finished bears between July 1 and August 31. If you’re looking for inspiration to make a bear yourself, try a Ravelry search for “mother bear” in the “projects” section and there are almost 2800 hits.  Each one is made from the same basic pattern, yet all are different, with distinct personlities.  Most have names, too.  My little guy is “Eric”  — suggested by Lidlady when I was taking so long to finish the paws that she named him “Slow-paw.”

Speaking of paws, I have not posted Part 3 of “Meet the Interns” — so here you go.  Meet Maxie (male, black) and Biscuit (female, grey/blue), the last of our little orphan tribe.

cat sticking out tongue
Mmmmm.... bears.... tasty!
I could knit a bear.... if I wanted to!


Summer Stash Down Redux

OK, Memorial Day has been and gone, tomorrow is Flag Day — and it’s time for another attempt at Summer Stash Down.  Having already registered for Stitches East in mid-October, I don’t have a lot of time to make room for any fiber goodness I expect to bring home.  I am out of plastic bins and room to store them!  As a reality check, I dragged them all out and spread them on a queen-sized bed.  Result was too large to fit in a single photo.   Even standing on a chair.  Sigh….

bins of yarn
Sock yarn... and lots more