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The Knitting Circle is Born

March 2010 was the first gathering of the FIT Library Knitting Circle, and it didn’t take long for it to become a weekly meeting, something we all look forward to every Thursday.

Fiber Fumes was born May 2011.  In many ways, this blog is yet another project for the group, a virtual gathering not limited by time or place.  I intend it to be a place for us to discuss our latest work, show off our fibery creations, talk about what’s on our minds, and ponder the mysteries of yarn and life.  What inspires us?  What drives us crazy?  What has us so excited we can’t wait to share it?  Let’s gather here and chat!

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  1. HELP- I found your site while searching for learning to make sock but i need help- i am an “old” lady, trying to learn how to make socks- at this late stage, but i think it will stretch my brain (maybe) from videos i taught myself how to work with 2 circular needles but i simple don’t understand what to do once i’ve done the ribbing- i’ve ordered the book from Cat Bordi- SOCKS SOAR, but i need some private tutorials- can you hopefully give me some direction where and how I can find a teacher, willing to take-on a student for tutorials? since I live in nyc finding a LYS is not the way to go- think I need to find a chain of knitters who give lessons???????HELP- thanks for your site and your time, adrienne

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