Meet the “Interns” — Part 2

orange cat on knitted mat
Goes with my coloring, don't you think?

Time to meet some more of the feline staff!  These guys arrived as a set, born on the back deck some two years ago.  Their mom sneaked them into our shed while we were on vacation and they spent the rest of the summer growing into cute little furballs. They moved into the house that fall, when the weather (and our neighbors) grew colder and less forgiving.    Yes, all FIVE of them.  And Tee got promoted to supervisor.

Howie is the largest, and a keen assistant!  Though he will be into your project bag and making off with a skein in an instant, he has a particular affinity for tools.  It is impossible to work with 14″ straight needles around him, the little grabby-paws, but my favorite memory (sadly no photo) is the time he snatched my #13 circs right in the center of the cable  and ran through the upstairs hallway looking like Fu Manchu with the needles dangling out of each side of his mouth.

cat in the sink
Hey, don't put any of that Eucalan stuff on me, okay? I'll move when the shawl gets here.

Raymond is the other “Weasley twin.”  He is a total knitting buddy, happy to stretch out alongside your leg instead of hogging up all available lap room.  Not that he isn’t interested in your project and anytempting balls of yarn attached to it.  But a few gentle reminders to keep his paws to himself, and he’ll just lick your hand and go to sleep.

cats on bed
Baby Days

Leo is the only long-haired one, with a decidedly short attention span.  Loves to be in your lap while you knit, but can’t make up his mind which lap, or which position to settle down in, or — hey, maybe doesn’t want to be in your lap after all — wait, he’s back!  Leo!

cat on mat
There's something soo satisfying about a rectangle...

One thought on “Meet the “Interns” — Part 2

  1. I laughed out loud when I saw the pics of your helpful (but furry) staff. When I was hanging out with my womenfolk this weekend, some of whom were knitting, we wondered if the felines have an internet version of their own, and what they post about us. Hmmmm…

    But yaay for kitten rescue. And yaay for it NOT BEING JUST ME WHO CAN’T RESIST THEIR LITTLE FACES. Just sayin’.

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