Meet the “Interns” – Part 1

Meet Tee, 4 years old now and into the fiber fumes from the get-go!

picture of cat with laptop
Intern? I should be at least an assistant editor!

Tee came to us as a little stray who showed up on the back deck and demanded attention, food, and eventually entrance to the house.

You are completely in my power...

He knew a sweet deal when he found one.  And a couple of soft touches in Lidlady and yours truly.  Not to mention soft laps.  I’ve lost track of the number of socks and other projects I’ve knit just inches from my face, to allow room for a pile of snuggly black fur taking up all available space. We’ve lost some yarn to his curiosity, and endured many scratches from his annoyance at being poked with dangling needles when we go the 2-circs route, but nowadays Tee has settled into his role as a senior member of the feline team and largely confines himself to inspecting the finished projects and supervising the other interns.


cat with bag of yarn
Not such a fan of the acrylics, really, but I love the pretty pink color!
cat with yarn
"Sugar 'n' Cream?" Now we're talking!









My best Tee & knitting story — this blue mat started out as a felting project to make a roll-up needle holder.  I even knitted the 2 cabled bands to hold the needles and attached them.  Even took a picture of the finished project and proudly uploaded it to Ravelry.  But Tee… well, he just loved it.  He loved to sniff it and roll around on it, curl up in a meatloaf on it, and sleep for hours.  <Sigh…>  What’s a mommy to do?  He loves it so much, it is his!

needle case project
Before: A felted needle case
cat on a mat
After: Bliss, sheer bliss!

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