Goodnight Irene!

This has got to be the most stressed-filled week we’ve had in 10 years!  First the earthquake, an unusual event in New York at best, but rather nerve-wracking coming up so close to the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  And then, the ever-more-dire anticipation of Irene, the hurricane of the century.  Yes, we had lots of advance warning, and yes, the City was prepared and ready, but really….

I think last night was the worst.  Lidlady and I spent the better part of 2 days battening down the hatches — laying in emergency supplies and food; hunting down flashlights, batteries and bungee cords; pulling in all the outside stuff and securing everything else; packing our “go” bags (!) — and then what?  Remembering the images of Katrina, and thinking about the six cats, and what if the windows blow out and we start to take on water in the house?  So, planning a move upstairs and preparing for hunkering down against a rising tide.   Hours of waiting, listening to the grim newscasts, wishing we could either project ourselves 24 hours into the future when it would all be over or else somehow putting ourselves into an oblivious state where we could sleep through it all.

As I write this, we have come through everything just fine, safe and dry.  And I sincerely wish and hope the same for all the Library knitters, especially those who live in New Jersey and Long Island.

And, as for the hours of waiting… may I just say that there is nothing more calming than a healthy dose of fiber fumes?  Knitting!  The simple, calming regularity of just plain stockinette stitches can do wonders for the nerves, calming the mind and slowing down the heart rate.  Here is a picture of what I will henceforth think of as my “hurricane sweater” although it is actually the “Out of the Shell Turtleneck” from Top Down Sweaters: Knit to Fit from Top to Bottom, by Doreen L. Marquart.

picture of sweater
Knitting -- it's better than drugs

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