The Discovery Sock

My personal footprint sock
Discovering the Personal Footprint

Back to my Discovery Sock project.  Not as recent as I thought, this sock was actually done in 2009.  I was fascinated by the idea of making a sock that would actually fit my foot.   There is a learning curve, but once you get that sock to fit you transfer all the info to the cardboard foot and that becomes your “pattern” for any sock you want to make.

Last October I was lucky enough to take a master class with Cat Bordhi herself, at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio here in New York.  As expected, she was a terrific teacher.  It was hard to concentrate on making my little learning socks.  Cat had so much info to give us, so many tips and tricks, that I kept putting my knitting down to scribble notes.

Probably the most valuable thing I learned was that I had been making my socks much too large, and that I would get a better fit if I either used fewer stitches or went down a needle size or two.  It was a real “duh!” moment, but my socks work a whole lot better these days.  So it was a discovery sock in more ways than one.

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