Almost Ready for Prime Time

It has been a long time since Meredith’s “basic training” session (March 17), and I had hopes to be up and running before now!  My new goal is this Thursday, May 26 our first Personnel Development Day here at the Gladys Marcus Library.  I want Fiber Fumes to be part of it.  We are a craftsy bunch and I want this to be a place to talk about it and show off our fibery interests.  This isn’t meant to be my blog, it is for all of us.  But here’s a picture of one of my recent projects, just to get us started.

Footprint Sock Project
Learning from the Master

More about this project next time…

2 thoughts on “Almost Ready for Prime Time

  1. Beautiful! I love the colorway (and the cardboard foot). I need to purchase some self-striping sock yarn, and I love this one that you’ve used. Looks like it has a little fair isle pattern to it.

    This makes me want to knit socks.

    1. That’s the beauty of the self-striping sock yarn. The yarn does all the color work! This one is Zitron Lifestyle, which I bought ages ago as a single skein (i.e., not enough for a PAIR of socks), so it was perfect for this “discovery sock” to learn the technique. Lesson learned: If you plan to make socks, make sure you get at least 400 yards.

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