Q&A With Design Entrepreneur Sunghee Bang

Sunghee Bang Spring/Summer 2013

Here’s our latest chat with design entrepreneur Sunghee Bang. She describes her brand as a beautiful, quality label with an element of surprise that is for women who enjoy the luxury feel of knitwear and strong craftsmanship.

How long have you been designing? I have been designing my line for 3 years.

You started you line after attending FIT. Did you work for McQueen before or after school? I interned for Alexander McQueen right before my senior year. It was my last summer break in my life, so I wanted to experience something special. In 2008, I designed the Eiffel Tower and coil body prints for his Spring 2009 collection. Working in London with Alexander McQueen provided me with an entirely different perspective on fashion. McQueen’s approach to design showed me that there is no one-way to design.

Sunghee Bang Spring/Summer 2013

What’s your inspiration for spring/summer 13?
This season is all about sporty, versatile and easy-to-wear knits. The collection consists of minimized silhouettes with unusual twists such as combining stripes and flower prints with shiny and matte textures, creating asymmetrical silhouettes with un-matched seams along with tailored woven and soft knit shapes.

Using unique techniques and playing with perforated textures, I created 54 pieces that worked together to harmonize various ideas.

What materials did you use?
I used cashmere, cotton, silk and linen yarns for knit.

Can you talk about your key silhouettes? Silhouettes are minimized and oversized.
My line is from the ideas that minimalism is always sophisticated and a touch of androgyny makes a woman more feminine.

What’s your signature?
My signature is quirky and unconventional textures with modern silhouette knitwear. I think that graduating with Art and Knitwear Awards at FIT and designing prints for McQueen collection defined my signature. It confirmed my originality and the work I put in to express it clearly and beautifully.

By being picked up by Barneys for my first knit accessories collection, my brand has grown exponentially and people want to see new and special knitwear from me. I always start the collection with creating print and knit stitches. I think starting with textiles allows me to move beyond cut-and-sew and gives my ready-to-wear basics an understated allure and depth.

What is something you bring back each season?
Yes, I bring some stitch ideas from my past seasons and apply with other yarns or silhouettes. I think this is why knitwear is so fascinating. There are countless ways to manipulate the textures.

Sunghee Bang Spring/Summer 2013

Where are you sold? I’m sold at Barneys New York, Tomorrowland in Japan, Lux Couture, Milieu, End of Century.

Learn more about our design entrepreneur at Sunghee Bang. 

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