Inside of my brain…

I am a purely inspiration driven kinda lady. My sketchbook is my most prized possession… it is me, in book form.

So here is a little look inside of my head! The two first images show where my collection inspiration is rooted from. A dark twisty forest, some Bosh lovin’, old pages from my favorite 1950s folklore book, and a sort of magical essence. Then I took a turn with it… that lead me to an underwater, grim yet beautiful scene that still really encapsulates the surrealism that I started with. The colors of my collection are mainly purple, gray, and charcoal… this was a new thing for me, super out of my element. I had tendency in the past to stick to neutrals- safe and classic… but I felt as if for collection I should stay true to what my brain was doing, be true to myself as a designer, and roll with it.

All and all I’m glad I did. It’s safe to say I do not want to knit another purple garment for… a very long time (100% because I’ve been looking at it for so long)… but I’m so far beyond happy with the way it all turned out. Knitting love.