yahhh know.

What a day for a model fitting! Today we had our protos due, and time to try them on the ladies!

A Proto: Is basically the drape, or first draft, of your garment. We had the choice of creating these in yard goods that we bought from a fabric store, or creating them out of our actual fabric.

In my case the jacket in my first look is the actual jacket, minus the closure. The dress beneath the jacket is a proto but is going to be knit out of my mohair! In my second look… the skirt is going to be as shown, but dyed to match my color story and with a different waste band. Her top is not going to be as shown either… it will be a hand knit tank top with a shawl (as shown but bigger)!

Delicious Mohair

Perfect example of what I mean when I say “there is no lack of beauty in our field”. This is the bottom of a dress for my collection…. I’m in looooveee.

I used Mohair yarn, which is typically made from the hair of an Angora Goat. This is actually my first time ever using Mohair and let me just say, it will not be my last. I knit this on the Brother machine (look back to post #1 for more info). The fiber is soooo amazing. It is a very thin yarn which normally would translate to being knit on a very fine gauge machine, but due to its “furry” qualities you can knit this yarn on a 7 gauge machine (mid-bulky gauge) and get this effect!

Fun facts about Mohair via Wikipedia: It is actually one of the oldest fibers still being used in textiles…It is durable, and resistant  to things such as water due to the yarns moisture-wicking (hairs the provides protection… like caterpillars) qualities, stretch, and flame!