A little Bri pep talk…



Brittney...(and the next)

Trang! (and the beautiful swatch below)

As time flies by, we find ourselves inching very close to our due date!

Now this time in the semester is one of the most chaotic situations you will ever witness. Being in fashion design is, for all intensive purposes, being an artist. This is our art form… so once our “visions” start to come together every little bit of us is literally on the very edge of explosion for weeks. The final touches and decisions can make your piece beautiful or absolutely destroy it… talk about staring pressure in the face.

When you put some odd 40(?) knitters in a lab together who are all under that amount of pressure… things get reallll’ crazy. Crazy good and crazy bad… but I will honestly say… It has a way of really bringing out the most amazing things in you. As a student you get to hear your classmates speak about their collections, why they want it to look the way it does, and you clearly can see and actually feel the huge connection the person has to their garments. For me I think its the most incredible thing because its what unites us, our common insane amount of love for what we do.

You see fashion is sometimes misconstrued. People who do not know a lot about our industry can write it off as being materialist, fake, and good ol’ stupid. But at FIT, in New York, and a handful of other places, it is the complete opposite of the that. Its the way you express yourself completely, and serves as what draws you to this world. It is everything that we love, as much as people can complain or cry in the next weeks, I know at least for the most part that not one of us would change our life. This is the career we want, the life we want, and as painful as it can be we love it with every bone in our little bodies.

    So there we go! I had to pop a little pep talk into this post today. Its been a rough few weeks for many, and it will be a rough few more… so if you guys are reading this and your freakin’ out… smile, and get off the computer and go knit or sew, come onnn (joking) !!! It will all be super awesome at the end… and lets be real here, we are amazing (and know it), and we will ALL go so far in this world regardless of the outcome of the fashion show.

Your alllll talented and amazing! It’ssss true.

yahhh know.

What a day for a model fitting! Today we had our protos due, and time to try them on the ladies!

A Proto: Is basically the drape, or first draft, of your garment. We had the choice of creating these in yard goods that we bought from a fabric store, or creating them out of our actual fabric.

In my case the jacket in my first look is the actual jacket, minus the closure. The dress beneath the jacket is a proto but is going to be knit out of my mohair! In my second look… the skirt is going to be as shown, but dyed to match my color story and with a different waste band. Her top is not going to be as shown either… it will be a hand knit tank top with a shawl (as shown but bigger)!

Delicious Mohair

Perfect example of what I mean when I say “there is no lack of beauty in our field”. This is the bottom of a dress for my collection…. I’m in looooveee.

I used Mohair yarn, which is typically made from the hair of an Angora Goat. This is actually my first time ever using Mohair and let me just say, it will not be my last. I knit this on the Brother machine (look back to post #1 for more info). The fiber is soooo amazing. It is a very thin yarn which normally would translate to being knit on a very fine gauge machine, but due to its “furry” qualities you can knit this yarn on a 7 gauge machine (mid-bulky gauge) and get this effect!

Fun facts about Mohair via Wikipedia: It is actually one of the oldest fibers still being used in textiles…It is durable, and resistant  to things such as water due to the yarns moisture-wicking (hairs the provides protection… like caterpillars) qualities, stretch, and flame!