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FIT Senior BFA Photography Exhibit

By , May 13, 2011 2:47 pm

May 12th  marked the opening of the BFA Photography Exhibit at the Salt Space.  Fortunately, there’s more time, until May 25th, to be transported by its wonder and magic.  See details below.Spirit Photograph by Jolene Lupo

Spirit Photograph by Jolene Lupo

“42″ the Fashion Institute of Technology BFA Photography 2011 Senior Show is on view from May 12 – May 25 at Salt Space,1158 Broadway @ 27th St., floors 4 & 5. For more information go to:

The Sámi & The Reindeer

By , April 18, 2011 5:32 pm

On April 15th, award-winning photographer and Fulbright recipient, Erika Larsen, spoke to Brad Paris’ portfolio review class about her time with Sámi reindeer herders of the Scandinavian arctic.


Ms. Larsen showed stunning images and video segments of reindeer herding and hunting, meal preparation, family portraits and aspects of daily life.

Johan and Cammu

Over a four-year period, she gained access gradually:  “The first trip I didn’t shoot much, only 45 photos.” Living with two Sámi families she started out “picking herbs and cleaning…They started by making me ‘do’ the Sámi culture through daily work,” she said.

Sámi Woman and Baby

Not until a year later did she see reindeer and understand its importance to the culture. “It wouldn’t exist without reindeer,” she said.

Among Boazu

Her stays became progressively longer.  Ms. Larsen is now studying the Sámi language full time. She plans next to chronicle the seaside Sámi. Reindeer, she said, is only 10 percent of Sámi culture.

All photos by Erika Larsen

Dean’s Dialogue: Posing Beauty in African American Portraits: A Talk by Dr. Deborah Willis February 8, 2011

By , March 16, 2011 5:12 pm

Dr. Deborah Willis, MacArthur fellow and chair of New York University’s photography department

“I was a student in the 70s,” said Willis in her opening remarks to the attendees of “Posing Beauty,” a Dean’s Dialogue hosted by the School of Art & Design. “I asked my professor ‘Where are the other images,’” of African Americans? “There were (those of) tenant farmers, of laborers and that’s fine.” But the range of images of African American life was woefully incomplete.  Willis had a “curiosity of the lack of images of blacks.”  Her professor suggested she search out photos that might tell a larger story.

Deborah Willis's 2009 book cover "Posing Beauty"

Her book, “Posing Beauty: African American Images from the 1890s to the Present,” is another turn in her investigation.  “I found myself as a resource…I grew up in a beauty shop.  The images for me are to open up the dialog– Sometimes an image is a story of desire, other times it’s a woman seeking the American Dream,” said Willis.

Pickin, by Lauren Kelley

Willis is observant of “how women are always under surveillance…I’m always asking ‘How are these images used?’”

Among the photographs Willis showed were:  a posting of run-away slave described as “rather good looking”; cinema stars like Josephine Baker; various looks of women working outside the home; studio portraits; and iconic shots of Issac Hayes, Malcolm X, Pam Grier and James Brown.

Isaac Hayes by Ernest Withers

“Black beauty has been silenced,” said Willis. “Special issues (on African- American life) gives the public an opportunity for exchange,” she said “but I wish it didn’t have to be a special issue.”

Harlem Queen, by Lewis Watts

“What I took away from this,” said fashion design student Michelle Richards, “is that when she was a student she asked:  ‘Where are the black photographers and photographs?’ Too often students accept the lesson as fact rather than as an introduction, and then you take it further. This whole thing started as a research project. She took the initiative and researched the gap in her education.”

Assistant Dean Dr. Erika Massaquoi with guest speaker Dr. Deborah Willis


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