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Like Mother Like Daughter

By , October 10, 2013 4:53 pm

Bonnie Papernik and her daughter Anissa Lorenzi have both studied 2D animation with Prof. John Goodwin. This May Papernik will graduate with her BFA in computer animation and her daughter will graduate high school.

“We’ll be graduating at the same time!” says Papernik. “Anissa’s  got college on her mind and I like this college. FIT has these wonderful programs.”

Prof. John Goodwin flanked by Anissa Lorenzi and her mother Bonnie Papernik

Papernik has worked in the past as a video producer at Panasonic, “a somewhat creative career,” she says. “On the side, I did art videos.” But her video making came to a halt after Anissa’s birth. “I did desktop publishing but it was volatile. In 2009, I got laid off because of the subprime debacle.” Papernik decided to return to school.  

“With all my experience I could run a corporation!” she says.

While working toward her AAS degree, Papernik took bridge courses to be eligible for the Computer Animation program. “My goal is to produce an animated cartoon of my own,” says Papernik. “My big goal is to have an original program and hopefully an independent production company like Sponge Bob.

Anissa took computer animation with Goodwin this past summer in FIT’s Summer Live program. “It was very exciting,” says Anissa. “I got to be in a real cool environment. I got to meet kids my own age and look around at different programs at FIT,” says Anissa.

Mother and daughter compare notes about the animation class: They both made landscapes with gradient tools. “We animated a sunset!” said Anissa, “and then animated text.” They began with learning the basic movement tools—position, rotation, scale and transparency.

“Anissa comes from an arts background. She’s into advertising and marketing. Here in New York, it’s very applicable to the market,” says Papernik.

Goodwin recalls the first time Papernik animated her signature character Florentine. “She animated her walking the red carpet at a Broadway show. She had Florentine driven around in a limo. It was definitely a star treatment!”

Papernik is now experimenting with her character Florentine in 3D.

“I have to figure out her voice and who she’s going to interact with,” says Papernik.

“2D or not 2D” jokes Goodwin.

No strings holding down Goodwin’s animation students

By , July 15, 2013 9:15 pm

To make their animation projects look like miniature movies that come alive, students in Professor John Goodwin’s Computer Animation course (CG213)  flip through their sketch books as the process is filmed. They then choose a page to animate in After Effects, which is then returned back into the book.  The challenge is often not the technology, but choosing from seemingly endless possibilities that the software allows.  Helped by a lot of laughter and guidance, such dilemmas are usually happy ones.

“The class is super fun,” says Luca Mak a Hunter College student currently taking Goodwin’s. “Despite all the different options and layers, After Effects is surprisingly easy to manipulate. Animations that could have taken hours by hand can be done in less than a minute.”

“I love the class. I am truly having a blast,” says Mary Capozzi, who is also currently enrolled in  CG213. “I want to animate everything!”

The hard part is “executing their ideas” says Goodwin. “They can have great ideas,  but they need to pick something the software does well.”

Capozzi, an FIT faculty member, animated puppets that dance to the tune “I’ve Got No Strings,” sung by the Supremes. The lyrics seem to match Capozzi’s enthusiasm: “I’ve got no strings/To hold me down/To make me fret/Or make me frown.”

“There is so much to learn and it’s so exciting I wish there was a second course to take,” says Capozzi.  “John Goodwin is a great  professor, he is encouraging and engaging.”

Goodwin says Mak and Capozzi “use the software beautifully. They’ve clicked into how to use the software. The wonderful thing about Adobe Suite is everything is layered; it’s built in Photoshop and can be animated separately. If you know Photoshop you are halfway to knowing After Effects.”  

“Using the skills I learned in this class, I want to make animations for TV shows and movies, and further my personal animation projects,” says Mak.

“I simply took the class for fun and would love to take it again. I can walk away from class with a little confidence but I know I still have way more to learn” says Capozzi. 

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