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In Jessica Wynne’s photography class, illustration students “step back, loosen up and drop the pencils”

By , December 13, 2013 3:29 pm

Illustration major Enrique Page tells of a special experience studying photography this semester:

“Photography is one of the most interesting classes an illustrator can take. We can relax and take a step back, loosen up, drop the pencils, and just think of how we want the subject to look.

Photo by Enrique Page

(Although untitled, Page refers to his photograph above as “The First Self Portrait.” It was part of a class project on self-portraits.)

“Photography is all about telling a story through composition and through the details. During the semester, I focused on experimenting. Prof. Wynne showed inspiring artwork for each different assignment, which often had a strong impact in the corresponding homework assignments. She was always very kind to me, and willing to help me when I needed it. I’m very glad I was taught by someone with such a sharp eye.

“I learned a lot and I loved the class. It might have just been my favorite class this semester.  I hope we can still be in contact cause she’s the most awesome professor I’ve had.”

Wegman and his well dressed Weimaraners coming to FIT

By , August 14, 2013 1:28 pm

William Wegman, the photographer best known for his compositions of eclectically attired Weimaraners, is coming to speak at FIT.  The dogs won’t likely attend “in person,” but should be well represented in video and print.  Wegman will be the first speaker in the Fall 2013 Photo Talks lecture series,  a forum organized by Professor Jessica Wynne of the photography department.


A conceptional video artist in the 1970s, Wegman has said (to David Letterman) that his dog Man Ray started looking “better than the cheese or nuts I was conceptually placing in the corner.” Man Ray, named after the famous photographer and artist, would go on to gain global celebrity.

When Man Ray the dog died in 1982, there were many affectionate tributes, such as a cover photo of Man Ray dubbed “Man of the Year” in the Village Voice.  There would be more Weimaraners.

Brad Paris, assistant chair of the photography department, says he especially likes Wegman’s early video work. “You can tell the early ones by the terrible video quality, which I think only makes the videos better,” he says.

The regal looking Weimaraners take well to an endless array of character types they seem to inspire in Wegman. Donning wigs, roller skates, space suits, dapper hats, overcoats and bulky cable knit sweaters, they pull off looks ranging from Elizabethan to femme fatale. They even look ridiculously lovable as farmers in overalls.  Wegman seems never to tire of the pranksterish nature of it. About the only thing they don’t do is play poker.

Art critics are quick to point out that Wegman should be known as more than the “dog guy.” His early work, says Jerry Saltz in the Village Voice, was a “reminder that art could be entertaining and hilarious, and that it didn’t take much to do this, which gave his work the beauty of economy.”

William Wegman’s talk will take place on September 18 at 5:30 in the Katie Murphy Amphitheater located on the northwest corner of 27th Street and 7th Avenue.

To see more of Wegman’s work including vintage videos of Man Ray, go to his blog: A Blog from William Wegman


A residency in Provincetown

By , October 3, 2012 1:18 pm

This summer photography professor Jessica Wynne was one of 20 artists selected for the Freight and Volume/DNA Summer Residency Program 2012 in Provincetown, MA. The artists’ instructions were to “create new work inspired by their environment.” The DNA Gallery recently presented the results of its inaugural artist-in-residency program.   Wynne shared with us a photo from the exhibit. It’s of her little companion Molly, her source inspiration in many environments.

photo by Jessica Wynne

“The experience was great because I was surrounded by artists who were working in different mediums. This charged creative environment helped fuel the creation of a new body of work,” said Professor Wynne said of her two-week residency.


The Faces of OWS

By , December 1, 2011 3:33 pm

“I was unsure of what to expect when I went down to Wall street,” says fifth- semester photography student Beth Zink.  “People were making [Zuccotti] Park into their own space, which I found to be quite original, innovative and creative.”

Zink and other students photographed OWS protesters and occupiers of Zuccotti Park for Jessica Wynne’s Professional Approach to Photojournalism class.

photo by Beth Zink

Zink’s photo is among those that fill the gallery wall outside the Dean’s Office (D350).

photo provided by Beth Zink

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