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Interior design grads providing “new memories”

By , May 15, 2013 3:51 pm

      “When you leave the space…it should give you a new concept, a new memory.”   Interior Design senior Minsoo Kim

Find out what your next music hall, brain research center, interactive cinema, special children’s hospital and boutique hotels will look like. From FIT’s interior designers of the future!

Plans for these and other projects were on view last Thursday and Friday in Pomerantz building conference rooms, where seniors spoke of their visions for buildings of the future.  

Minsoo Kim’s “Momentum Immersible Cinema”

“I think interior design is not just about function or a convenient space, but should provide a unique experience,” says Minsoo Kim, graduating ID student. “When you leave the space, not only should it have been comfortable and functional, but the space should give you a new concept, a new memory.”

 “My project is a music hub with the purpose of bridging the gap between the artist and the fan,” said senior Amanda Hibbs. “The design intent was to make music tangible by applying elements that relate to both music and design.”

And then there was Sarah Hatch’s brain center project, which is naturally interactive.  “The integration of design with technology can change the way spaces are perceived and the way we operate within them,” says Hatch. “Spaces can operate for us, responding to our actions, and soon enough, maybe even our thoughts.”

Amanda Hibbs presenting music hub “Interlude” project

Recalling the past four years during which sleep was a “true luxury,” ID senior Hayley Park described the culmination of her studies:

“During the seventh semester we developed what’s called our design programs. It was for an envisioned facility of our choice in an existing building in the tri-state area.”

There were frequent all-nighters leading up to the presentations. “We had to write an approximately 150-page book describing our project, its purpose, justification, type of space, the facility required, and an analysis of the individuals who would be using it,” said Hayley. “For instance mine was a mission center to raise next generation missionaries. My building included educational facilities, a worship area and residential component.”

Hayley receiving the Decorator’s Club award

At the end of the 56 presentations, Hayley was “relieved it was over.” But ID chair Andrew Seifer said “It’s not over yet,” and began reading an award letter. “At first he thought it was a present for himself!” said Hayley.

It was an excellence award in the form of a white iPad from The Decorators Club,  a private interior design organization.  It was for Hayley!

“I was crying the whole time,” said Minsoo. “I was so impressed with her project. Every one was so into the spirituality of it”

Sarah Hatch rocking the house with her thesis project “NeoCortex”

Says Minsoo, “I want to start my career in New York and open my own interior architectural firm for commercial and retail spaces. I also want to do not just permanent space, but exhibition and public instillation interior design. The interactive event between people and their space is what interests me.” 

 Click here to read about Hayley’s Pave-winning men’s store

Photos:  Johannes Knoops 

An award-winning living room takes the cover!

By , January 30, 2012 4:03 pm

The judges of Westchester Home design contest have chosen the work of Interior Design Professor Phyllis Harbinger as winner in the category of  Best Traditional Living Room. To add to the tribute, images of her award-wining interiors appear in the cover story of the issue announcing the award.

Harbinger, the magazine said, “made it look easy with this beautifully designed living room—sporting traditional lines in the furniture and accessories with added daring twists of color.”

Westchester Home magazine

“The Interior Design Department is extremely proud of Professor Harbinger’s professional accomplishments,” says Interior Design Chair Andrew Seifer. “We congratulate her on her work being shown on the cover of Westchester Home and for winning this award.”

“The architecture of the room called for two distinct conversation areas—one fireside, and then a main conversation area visible through antique wood-and-iron doors at the entry to the space,” Harbinger told  Westchester Magazine.

The winning living room

“The designer has balanced light and dark, ornate and strongly classical, and neutral shades with vibrant color to create a warm, rich, and inviting living room…It is neither over- nor under-decorated. The room is formal, but thoroughly hospitable and welcoming,” said New York School of Interior Design Associate Dean Veronica Whitlock, one of the four judges.

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