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“ESC: Digital Artworks” are interactive pleasures for art goers

While you’re watching C.J. Yeh’s art at the Museum at FIT, the art is watching you. In fact, it’s not only watching, it’s wryly responding to your actions. One picture stops weeping when you show it some interest, and immediately … Continue reading

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Reach for the sun with Professor V

Arriving at the topsy-turvy carnival spin and colors for her “Solar Spin” photograph is part of a process Prof. Vanessa Velez DeGarcia has tested for years. “The technique is called digital solarization and I do it in Adobe Lightroom,” says the … Continue reading

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Talking trash with Sass

Recycling waste into a thing of high fashion embodies what couture has always stood for.  Couture design “pushes the envelope,” challenges concepts of beauty and the role of clothing. It’s been about rebellion, symbolism, a means of communication. Making trash … Continue reading

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White Wolf at Brooklyn Waterfront

A hauntingly stark, beautiful lone White Wolf will be on exhibit at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists’ Coalition from September 21 to October 20.  Sue Willis, who created White Wolf, teaches advanced sculpture and 3D design classes in the Fine Arts Department. … Continue reading

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Driftwood inspires DeManuelle’s new works

Fine Arts chair Stephanie DeManuelle is branching out. New works, inspired by a multi-twigged piece of driftwood, were on display last month at the Corscaden Arts & Barn Gallery in Keene Valley, NY.  Three were oil paintings and another was an oil and charcoal on … Continue reading

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Ellenbogen films what the eye can’t see

There was a lot of talk about “swimming with the fishes” in Boston this summer as the trial of famed mobster “Whitey” Bulger got underway. But underwater photographer Keith Ellenbogen really was swimming with marine animals of an amazing sort. … Continue reading

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We’re telling on Roberto Vasi

There’s a new men’s shoe line being advertised as the “Don’t ask– Don’t tell” of military style shoes.  But tell we must!   The Roberto Vasi line began as  a business partnership formed in a class taught by Accessories Design Professor Vasilios … Continue reading

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eco beauty trophies to behold

Raising of eco-consciousness has long been taking place in the perfume and cosmetics industry. Now there are awards for how well that raised awareness manifests into a meaningful response. Jewelry Design Professor Wendy Yothers recently designed four trophies, in two … Continue reading

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Romans, goddesses & cats–Vincent Arcilesi’s mix of modern life & myth

Immersion in Ancient Rome happened easily for Fine Arts professor Vincent Arcilesi while on sabbatical in Rome in 2009.  His paintings of contemporary Romans wandering about the empire, seem to suggest a total accessibility to the ancient world.  His series “Arcilesi in … Continue reading

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Suikang Zhao fires up the art in Tacony, PA

Prof. Suikang Zhao’s latest art installation, “Taokonick,” captures the grittiness and romance of firefighting and manufacturing. It’s a series of bronze and stainless steel pieces at the new Engine 38 firehouse in Tacony, PA. Prof. Zhao’s work was chosen for its permanence, … Continue reading

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