Student View: Alumni Shadow Day with Latasha Hardy, AMC ’05

lhGetting the opportunity to shadow Latasha Hardy, an Advertising and Marketing Communications 2005 alumna, was a great learning experience. I am also an Advertising and Marketing Communications major, Class of 2015, and she provided me with very insightful career advice that not only helped solidify my career interest but that also encouraged me to broaden my horizons and see that there are various career paths that I can take.

Ms. Hardy is the Building Coordinator of 230 Fifth Avenue New York MarketCenter; she is also a part-time Real Estate Agent for Upton Realty Group and looking into owning her own real estate business one day. A typical day for Ms. Hardy is not just sitting at a desk all day; she is constantly involved within the 230 Fifth Avenue building and wears many hats. She is in charge of creative marketing, tenants and guest affairs, press relations, organizing trade show events, and leasing tasks and building projects. After shadowing Ms. Hardy for a day, you can honestly tell that she truly loves what she does and that being involved in so many things is what keeps her going and keeps her motivated.

My overall shadowing experience has been an amazing opportunity and I have learned a lot from Ms. Hardy. She provided me with career-related advice that was extremely valuable and that has motivated me on the career path I want to take as well as the type of company I want to work for one day. Here’s what she had to say about her studies and work.

Why did you choose FIT?

I’m originally from Maryland and my uncle at the time had moved to NYC to attend the Pratt Institute. I had told him that I wanted to study fashion journalism and to one day be a Fashion Editor at a fashion magazine. I originally was planning on going to LIM to pursue fashion journalism but my uncle said, no, no you need to go to FIT. So that’s what I ended up doing.

What or who was your most memorable FIT experience, project, professor?

My most memorable FIT professor was a woman who worked for WWD, she had inspired me in ways that I never thought I could be inspired to be. With every assignment or project, though I did well on them, she had always pushed me to go beyond my limits and to think outside the box.

Another memorable experience I had at FIT was when I had a class where I learned to create an ad and create an entire magazine. It was one of the most fun and intense assignments I have ever had at FIT but at the end of it all, the results came out great and I loved it.

What is the most valuable thing you learned at FIT?

The most valuable thing I learned at FIT is to be yourself because I feel like FIT students have very creative minds when it comes to their talents, that they should be able to show it in their personality whether it be in an interview or network opportunity.

What happened after graduation?

After graduating, I wanted to do something where I could continue to do marketing and work in a place that had a fun and consistent environment. Most importantly, I wanted to make money because it is hard to make a living in the fashion industry and when it comes to choosing a position I have to think about what they can offer and weigh everything in.

What is your best advice for students and recent graduates?

Best advice I can give is to be persistent, consistent and to network because you might apply for a ton of positions or have the perfect job but sometimes it might not work out like you intended it to. There are a lot of people graduating and not enough work, employers are hiring one person to completely a job when they could hire three people to do that same job as a team.

Remain persistent and consistent by doing your research because it will benefit you and everything will work itself out. When it comes to networking, use the network you already have which is FIT. FIT is great resource and has great job opportunities through Alumni Shadow Programs like this for students to participate in.

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