Alumni Spotlight: Stacey Nathan, MPS in Global Fashion Management ’12

You’ve led a successful career working at Goldman Sachs, Ralph Lauren, and now at Tiffany & Co. as Merchandising Manager. What stirred your interest in working in the international market?
When I was an undergrad studying Finance and International Studies at the University of Connecticut, I studied abroad in Australia, which is really what stirred my interest in the international market.

You took your interest to the next level pursuing graduate studies at FIT. Why did you choose the Global Fashion Management program?
Being one of the most reputable institutions in the industry, FIT offered the perfect program for my career development.  The Global Fashion Management program is the only business program of its kind geared towards developing global fashion executives.  It was a full-time program that also allowed me to balance my full-time job, so I was able to implement what I was learning at FIT directly in my work.  

What did you value most about the program?
The two-week seminars abroad each semester really left the most impact.  The Global Fashion Management program collaborated with Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong and Institut Français de la Mode in Paris to provide first hand international exposure to the industry.  The experience I gained in Europe and Asia was a crucial component to this program.

How has the program helped you advance in your job?
The international aspect of the program and the holistic view of the industry has directly helped me excel at my job.  I have seen what it takes for successful brands to stay competitive and progress in this fast-paced global economy.  I gained a strong understanding of the expression ‘Glocalization’ and believe international companies must evolve to instill brand consistency globally while adapting locally. The cultural knowledge I gained and the contacts I made around the world through the Global Fashion Management program will continue to help me throughout my career.

Last month, we were thrilled to hear that the New York City Economic Development Corporation selected you as one of the winners for the inaugural Fashion Fellows program! Tell us what the mentorship program entails.
The NYC Fashion Fellows program was developed as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s Fashion.NYC.2020 initiative to preserve New York City’s fashion industry.  The year-long program is packed with seminars, workshops, networking opportunities and one-on-one mentoring.  I feel fortunate to work for a great company and look forward to complementing my knowledge with this opportunity to learn from some of the most successful leaders in the industry.

Who will be your mentor in the program?
My mentor is Karen Giberson, President of the Accessories Council.  She is absolutely lovely and has a wealth of experience and wisdom I hope to benefit from.

While the fellowship helps empower promising individuals like you, it also sets out to strengthen the fashion industry in New York City. Is this type of community building initiative something you are passionate about?
Absolutely.  We live in one of the most diverse cities in the world, providing endless opportunities to give back.  The Fashion Fellows program is a joint initiative of the NYEDC and the 92Y so community building will naturally play a big role in this program, which I’m proud to participate in.

What advice would you like to share with peers and current students?
Take advantage of all New York City has to offer.  Build a strong network of contacts.  Never stop learning.  Through my journey, I have found the continuous pairing of experience and education to be the foundation for building exceptional leaders.


Global Fashion Management is a three-semester graduate program which focuses on the business of the apparel and related industries. Partnering with institutions in Paris and Hong Kong, the program’s objective is to prepare mid-level managers for executives positions. To read more about the program, please go to:

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