FIT in Japan: Seminar in Tokyo

The belief that “FIT is global” was truly exemplified with the seminar, “Human Power Development and Japan Fashion in the Age of Globalization,” held on March 21 in Tokyo. The seminar brought together FIT alumni, friends and industry professionals in Japan, where audiences in Tokyo and New York City heard remarkable insight about fashion and globalization from Tadashi Yanai, CEO of Uniqlo and founder and president of Fast Retailing Inc.; FIT President Dr. Joyce Brown; and Director and Chief Curator of the Museum at FIT Dr. Valerie Steele. Here are some photos of the seminar from the three events that took place simultaneously in Tokyo and New York City. You can find more photos of FIT in Japan here.


Midtown Conference Center, Akasaka, Minato-ku

Dr. Valerie Steele, Director of the Museum at FIT, and John Jones, President of FIT Alumni Association, in the green room before the seminar
Seminar registration, Tokyo’s Midtown Conference Center
Dr. Joyce Brown, President of FIT, gives keynote address on education for the fashion leaders of the future, including a discussion about FIT’s educational philosophy.


New York City

FIT Alumni & Friends – SUNY Global Center

SUNY Global Center, New York City (Photo by Randy Brooke)
FIT alumni and friends arrive at registration, SUNY Global Center (Photo by Randy Brooke)
Reception before seminar viewing (Photo by Randy Brooke)
Professor Kichisaburo Ogawa and Yoshiko Ebinara (Photo by Randy Brooke)
Sapporo beer donated by Sapporo and Dassai Sake donated by Sake Discoveries (Photo by Randy Brooke)
Yolanda Urrabazo welcomes alumni moments before the live streaming of the Tokyo seminar (Photo by Randy Brooke)
Tadashi Yanai, CEO of Uniqlo and founder and president of Fast Retailing Inc., speaks about fashion and globalization (Photo by Randy Brooke)



New York City

FIT Students – FIT Cafeteria

Anubhuti Swarup, FIT Student Association VP of Alumni Affairs, welcomes students to the live streaming of the seminar at the FIT cafeteria
Students create Happy Dolls for children in Japan
FIT students gather for live streaming of the seminar and create dolls for children

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