FIT Ovation: Vy Higginsen ’65

Vy Higginsen's production of "Mama, I Want To Sing"
Deborah Payton Jones, FIT's Gospel Choir sponsor, presents FIT alumna Vy Higginsen with the "FIT Distinguished Alumni Award"

Vy Higginsen (Class of ’65), CEO and Executive Director of The Mama Foundation for the Arts, recently launched the production of Mama, I Want To Sing, an acclaimed show that helped establish Harlem as a world artistic and cultural center. FIT’s Office of Alumni and Faculty Relations and FIT’s Gospel Choir presented the “FIT Distinguished Alumni Award” at the show for her remarkable work creating music programs that impact the lives of youth. Over the years, Higginsen has continued to give back to her alma mater, teaching the power of music to students with such campus productions as “Gospel Is…!” and through her many efforts with The FIT Gospel Choir. We applaud her and the work she has done to help young people achieve their dreams.

“I was delighted and amazed by the tribute from F.I.T and Deborah Payton-Jones. My experience in education from the teachers at F.I.T have supported my career, opened my mind and challenged my creativity to believe all things are possible. Thank you to F.I.T.’s Office of Alumni and Faculty Relations and the Gospel Choir for this aknowledgement and recognition. It’s an inspiration to ‘keep on keeping on’.”

–Vy Higginsen

Vy Higginsen, Class of '65 Senior Portrait
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