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Museums and Fashion

Hello there,

People tend to think studying fashion is such an unimportant career or associated to a vain life. But then again, have you realized you wear clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY? (go ahead, really think about it peeps)

Did you also know that:

if every man, woman, and child in China bought two pair of wool socks, there would be no more wool left in the world.

It’s ok if by now you are already convinced as to the importance of the fashion industry. Lets face it, in all the movies about the future things always change, some things disappear, other things are new but the one constant is that people are STILL wearing clothes. (and I don’t see that changing anytime soon) Rest assured, I will be employed for the rest of my life.

So if you want to further your education about fashion and its relation to art, culture, history, architecture, politics and science here are the exhibits you HAVE to check out while in NYC:

  1. The Museum at FIT (free entrance)

-Exposed: A History of Lingerie (up and running until Nov. 15)


-Dance and Fashion (up and running until Jan. 3)


2. Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe at the Brooklyn Museum (up and running until Feb. 15)EL129.109_480W


3. Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Recommended entrance fee 10$ students, broke students like me $2, up and running until Feb. 1)

1 Mourning Ensemble 18701872teaser

I had an amazing time with my mom and friends this past week at the different museums. We learned so much from these four exhibitions, so I highly recommend them.

Enjoy, im off to my free massage at the FIT Health Center.

Carpe Diem,



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FIT has endless blogs, Twitters, Facebooks, Instagrams, etc. so feel free to comment with one you found and particularly liked and I will keep updating this list. These were just some highlights I thought most would find helpful and interesting.


Let’s Dance

The Museum at FIT is one of the best resources for design students here. There is almost always two exhibitions on view that can serve as inspiration for any personal or required projects. The exhibits can also be helpful for any student who is interested in learning more about fashion history.

Currently the upstairs exhibit is called Exposed: A History of Lingerie (on view until November 15). The main exhibit, which is located below the main floor, is titled Dance & Fashion (on view until January 3).


The exhibit starts its focus on the development of the “traditional” ballet outfit and continues through  the Ballet Russes, modern and then contemporary dance.


The "Team Vicious" steppers featured in Rick Owen's Spring 2014 runway show

The “Team Vicious” steppers featured in Rick Owen’s Spring 2014 runway show

In the main lobby, there are benches surrounding a television that plays videos of designers, costumers and choreographers collaborating on a loop. It is very interesting to see  where the lines of modern design, stage costume and the athleticism of the dancers intersect.

Prabal Gurung's design for the NYC Ballet (Fall of 2013) in the workshop. The finished garment is on display in the exhibit

Prabal Gurung’s design for the NYC Ballet (Fall of 2013) in the workshop. The finished garment is on display in the exhibit

The Museum at FIT also hosts two day symposiums every fall that bring together experts on the current exhibit. I personally love the symposiums, and although I sometimes have to miss some of the presentations because of classes, I try to stay for as many as possible. It is a completely free way to hear some of the most brilliant minds in fashion and cultural history.

A presentation during the  "Ivy Style" symposium in 2012

A presentation during the “Ivy Style” symposium in 2012

Some other resources the Museum provides are online exhibitions and (some of) their extensive archive is available to outside researchers as well as graduate AND undergraduate students. I will talk about the research opportunities in a future post, but the online exhibitions are a very valuable resource as well. It is not quite the same as seeing the exhibit in person, but the museum provides the academic information and pictures of the key garments that were on display. It is very helpful if your inspiration for a project relates to a past exhibit.

Lastly, the Museum at FIT is a strong advocate for student work. While the main exhibition spaces are reserved for scholarly shows curated by professionals who work for the museum, there is a side gallery that almost exclusively features student work. Displays of faculty work rotate with the final projects of some of the graduating students. The Museum Studies graduate program also curates their exhibitions in this space.

The Museum is open to the public and completely FREE! So be sure to stop by if you are visiting campus or if you live in the area. It is located on the corner of 27th street and 7th Avenue.


Artsy Adventures

In the next couple weeks I will be going to quite a few museums at Rutgers University in New Brunswick ,New Jersey.  If you ever wanted to visit its just about 20 minutes away  from school by the New Jersey Transit .When you first start there as a transfer student ,which my boyfriend just did they require you to do a certain number of activities around the campus to make sure you get the full affect of everything they have to offer ( it’s actually a course). I think this would be a great thing for FIT to do also but with fashion events, or events related to your major. Your Professors do direct you in events you could go to but they are never required.

So the first museum we attended was called the Zimmerli Museum it had tons of different exhibits, but there main one was the soviet wing . The Soviet Wing had beautiful art work and so much information that I never knew before. Such as during that time period the Soviet’s would tell there people that ” We made the first abstract art piece” which clearly isn’t true but that’s what they were told to believe.

ll086 They also had an abstract wing with so many interesting pieces that you would never think of. My favorite ( that i wasn’t aloud to take a picture of) was this huge room with the sculpture that came in and out of the walls, you could walk under it, over it, in between it.

ll90  All of the abstract pieces were attached in the building somehow. This one was installed from the ceiling, it was just mesh wire.

ll9 There was a wing of miniature statues, this one in particular was my favorite. He was a council man and he looked very fancy. ( I just wanted to take him home!)

po09The architectural elements in this building were stunning. The stairs and the sky lights were perfectly planned and didn’t affect the general lighting in the space.

3456789123456These were some paintings and sculptures that were in the Soviet wing. Beautiful vivid bright colors still preserved after all these years.

All the Museums here are either free to students or under $5.00 to get in which isn’t bad at all. The train ticket is approx. $20 to get there and back and when you get off at New Brunswick you are right on the campus so you don’t have to walk far. So if you ever want to venture out of the city and get back to the suburbs take a day trip to New Jersey!



Chelsea Galleries

FIT is located in one of the best places for artists in the country. Even within New York City, Chelsea is a hot bed for artists of all kinds, especially the fine arts. Galleries in Chelsea traditionally hold openings on Thursday nights that are open to everyone. It is a huge opportunity and resource to have these galleries literally at our finger tips. This weekend I visited many of the galleries to see the last shows before I headed back home for break. All the pictures I show below come from just one block (25th street between 9th and 10th). It was amazing all the pieces we saw in just one block of the neighborhood and was extremely inspiring despite the fact I am not a fine arts major. Do not let resources like this go to waste while studying in the most culturally rich city in the world.


Street Work to Art Work

Walking down 7th Avenue towards our school on 27th you will always see a lot of interesting things. Anything from people in Anime costumes to people drawing on the side of our school in chalk, it will draw you in. It will catch your curiosity and make you want more. Last May  in front of the D-Building ,we had this awesome batman door way, I always end up taking pictures of the things that are going on at school. I even send them to all my friends at home, ” Look how cool my school is, all this happens in front of the building I go into everyday”. This week make sure you look up and see the adorable deer antlers made out of card board! They always have something going on in front of that building and on the inside as well. One of the professors I featured , Carmita Sanchez Fong, recently had her presentation up to show how many families her and her students helped during sandy and how much they were truly affected.( right when you walk in the D-building).

Last month we had Chalk art work all over the building, done by the illustration majors. It was some of the most creative and beautiful Art work I’ve been lucky enough to see at FIT. People were stopping and taking tons of pictures, I was one of them ( it must have been a great feeling for those illustration majors). It’s great that our school does so many of these fun things to get our students noticed. Last semester I took a life drawing class, in which we got to go outside and draw buildings and people whatever we wanted really, on a nice day. It was so much fun and I highly recommend it, but people would stop and ask to see our sketches and if they could take pictures. ( Made you feel like a big shot haha).

This is some of the Art work from the Side walk Chalk day, the colors were so bright and beautiful!

This was my absolute favorite one of all! What talent it took to do these pieces!





FIT is filled with so many majors besides fashion, were all so different but the thing that brings all the majors together is there love for art, and appreciation for the hard work that goes into it. Have you seen anything else around school lately that you think is awesome? Have you done anything that you want noticed?! Send it to me!   Keep up the hard work, Kailee



Take a load off!

Being a commuter student I constantly have a ton of stuff that I carry. From drafting boards and art supplies to text books. Even though walking just from Penn Station to FIT isn’t that far of a walk, it feels like the longest journey of your life when you have a lot of stuff!

Personally I hate carrying a backpack, but the extra weight on just one shoulder can really mess with your posture and cause pain in your lower back and shoulders. So what is the best way to carry our poor, over stuffed bags with ease?

Your Action Plan: The bad news is the best way to carry a heavy bag is not to carry one at all ( but we all know that’s just not possible sometimes). At FIT every department has lockers for commuter students, which makes it a little easier to not carry as much stuff.

Tip #1: Try to only carry 15% of your body weight, easier said then done! but in the long haul it will help with the posture pain. I have neck pain all the time headaches the whole nine yards and I never thought it could have come from carrying all this heavy stuff!

#2: Use two straps! I know back packs are the cutest all the time( I hate wearing them too) but having the weight evenly distributed on your back instead of one shoulder will make a difference. But studies show you can still use purses or totes everyone, just make sure you are constantly switching shoulders.

#3: Place heavier objects at the bottom of the bag! One study showed that when middle school students did this it made it some what easier for them to carry. If carrying heavier loads to school is unavoidable ( which for most it is) try to strengthen your core and back muscles too. Don’t forget we do have a gym in the basement of the school, it’s almost always available!

So here is a great example of one of the cuter ergonomic backpacks I found on amazon, it’s only $64.00 and it comes in a variety of colors. The name of the product is the Ogio Newt II S Laptop/Tablet Backpack. It’s Nylon, Secure zippered fleece line side entry laptop compartment fit most 17 inch laptops, integrated foam panels keep your electronics and other valuables protected, Padded iPad/tablet/e-reader pocket, Zippered fleece lined padded mouse pocket, Three bar padded back panel for ultimate comfort. A great bag to keep your laptop safe and all your other supplies too!

I haven’t yet found any ergonomically correct totes or purses that I would personally like, but I’m still on the hunt! What do you use? Backpack purse? What works best for you? Can’t wait to hear from you!

Xoxo, Kailee

Event at the Met

College Group at the Met: K-Art

One of the best parts of being in college is that you can actually join college groups. My best suggestion thus far is The College Group at the Met (as in Metropolitan Museum of Art), these guys throw incredible parties for new exhibits that are a perfect mix of good music, great food,korean treats art and networking. Personally, I’mroommates at event not a very big fan of museums (yes, I said it no going back) but my roommate has invited me to all of these parties and they have been a cultural blast. This time we got to attend K-Art “Splendors from Silla to Seoul” a wonderful event hosted by the Korea Society in collaboration with The CGM. pins k-art

The event was held this past Friday and it was a great way to kick-off the weekend with fun activities for undergraduate and graduaExhibition at the mette students to explore the new exhibition and enjoy performances featuring both traditional and K-pop music (yeah, dance lessons with music from Psy’s latest song). Usually for these events you have to RSVP beforehand so I suggest you join their committee and/or their Facebook group here. This time I went with my roommates and their friends and learned bits about Korean culture all while making new friends. friends at the metI definitely recommend checking out their next event, it’s my third one and I will be coming back (since now there is a mandatory $25 entrance fee, this is also a good way to get in for free).

After we were done with the exhibition (the Met was really kicking us out), we decided to go to the nearest Latin American restaurant. Turns out it was a very fun place with Latin music, amazing cuisine and great vibe. Calle Ocho at the Excelsior hotel was the perfect way to end the night, the best things happen unplanned.

friends at restaurant

Carpe Diem,



My new-found treasure for the event

Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Brooklyn Museum

One of the best museums in New York City is in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Museum has the second largest collection of art in New York City and is only about 30 minutes from FIT (take the 2 or 3 to the Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum stop).  It is particularly famous for its Ancient Egyptian and American art. Up until a few years ago the Brooklyn Museum also had a very impressive costume collection, but it has since been integrated into the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Collection.

However, that has not stopped the Brooklyn Museum from being a leader in fashion exhibitions. Recently, the museum unveiled its retrospective on Jean-Paul Gaultier, the famous French couturier. Gaultier has said that he was reluctant to do the exhibit at first because most retrospectives are done after an artist’s death. However, the fact Gaultier is still alive creates some very important advantages for the curators. Firstly, nothing has been lost, sold or separated so the exhibit is rich with not only clothes, but photographs as well as trinkets like Gaultier’s prized stuffed bear from when he was a child. The designer also could direct the message he wanted to send to the audience, and he did so through a recording of him speaking directly to visitors projected onto a mannequin. This was probably the coolest as well as most unsettling part of the exhibition. Most of the custom mannequins had projections of models faces that would blink, look directly at you and even start speaking or even singing at seemingly random intervals. The exhibit had a refreshingly casual attitude throughout it as the “models” spoke to visitors, pictures were allowed and there were no barriers separating the clothes from the people.

Flowers Blooming at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

If you are going to visit the museum be sure to also visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens next door. It is by far one of the most beautiful places in New York and you get a discount if you show your receipt from the museum. The plants and exotic flowers are rotated seasonally so there is always a reason to visit the garden!