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Notes From The 6 Train: Quintessential Halloween Post

Last year I was stuck in class while the parade was going on and went afterwards because it was so cold outside. So as far as I’m concerned, that doesn’t count. So hooray for my first Halloween In NYC!

My Halloween ended up being much different than I had expected. It looked like this:


as opposed to this:


I’ve been working and training at an aerial and fitness dance studio in Chelsea the past four months. I attended my dance studio’s annual party an it was a blast! I got to see ghouls, goblins, ninjas & mermaids hanging, swinging and flying through the air. It was magical. It was beyond inspiring to see my peers, the people I work and train, performing so beautifully. It almost looked effortless, but because I know the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into any type of dance, especially aerials, I would be a fool to think that this feat was effortless.


After the performances we all got together and jammed. In the midst of this jamfest, I looked around and realized just how fortunate I am to have entered into a whole new community or creative, passionate and driven people (much like students at FIT.) The longer I live in New York, the more obvious it becomes to me just how many opportunities there are to create the life you want. As always, I encourage students to go out in the city and explore! We live in a city of chance. After this reaffirmation, I continued to dance until the wee hours of the morning. Best Halloween I’ve had in a long time.

All things Color, Love, & Fashion,
Ayanna L.

friends on halloween



First thing you should know is I absolutely LOVE wearing costumes, anything that involves a disguise I’m the first one to say YES. This Halloween collided with a term project presentation and a very important guest speaker (Guy Vickers, President of the Tommy Hilfiger Foundation, BIG industry player) for my International Corporate Social Responsibility class which meant business attire and no witch hats (boring, right?) So I was trying my best to behave, yet the world found its way to lure me into an unexpected costume.

Make up artist transforming me into a tiger

Transformation begins

When I was walking to the Admissions Office for my office hours, there were tables all around the Breezeway (between the Dubinsky Student Center & the Business and Liberal Arts Center, once you are here I promise you’ll know where it is) with a DJ and free stuff (always my fave).  I realized it was part of Legacy Week aka Homecoming and there was a Pep Rally with our mascot the Tiger (which I was once, promise). Suddenly I realized there was a table with two make-up artists who were turning students into tigers and of course I couldn’t resist. These ladies were amazing and in only five minutes you could totally hear me ROAR!

tiger face makeup





Me in tiger mascot costume

Told you

Since I was feeling adventurous I decided scoot (yes, I own an Adult size red Razor Scooter) over to Mood Fabrics for the first time ever, in search of fabric for last minute costume touch ups. I instantly fell in love with the place, it had vintage elevators (which I was riding next to Sponge-bob) and everyone had costumes on. Mood fabricsI left my scooter with Nicki Minaj, was being helped by fairies at the register and Hulk brought my fabric rolls down. The whole place was absolutely amazing! I received a Loyalty Card (even though I insisted I was a business major) that had a dog on it, which turned out to be the same dog that was running around the store, his name is Swatch.

Swatch the dog

Swatch, the dog!

I also got a free Mood re-usable fabric bag, because I said I was Dominican (guess they thought I was just visiting haha). Overall I must come back to this place with my mom, she would definitely love it and I highly recommend it for anything (they have three floors of magic).

woman in costume

She gave me the bag :)

After sitting through my other two classes (yes, as a tiger) my professors couldn’t stop laughing while staring at my face saying that it was really hard taking me seriously. My second professor after failing to recognize me, asked to take a picture of my face, which I agreed to immediately (maybe some extra credit there). When it was time for dinner I realized my face was indeed a costume which meant $3 burritos at Chipotle. (you heard right!) Every Halloween Chipotle (right across the street, WARNING: addictive stuff) offers these burritos to awesome individuals wearing costumes, so my dinner was pretty much settled. I took it to go, and had it at Co-Ed my friend’s dorm (convenience of living just across the street).Right after, I scooted back to mine to start getting ready for our Halloween Party.


Turns out, DIY costumes really pay off because they are cheaper, no one is wearing what you are and it came out beautifully (well I’ll let you be the judge of that).

Peacock costume

Bronquitis & Peacock

This time I was a peacock (and was later made aware by my boyfriend that I was actually a MALE peacock, apparently female ones are boring brown haha, oops.) By far though, my friend Carmen made our night easier when she decided to dress as Kim K in her Shamu outfit, pregnancy really stops taxis, opens up walkways and clears out sidewalks (LOL, really convenient). We went to a friend of a friends house, and had such a great time! There was an interesting mix of Americans, Latinos, Frenchies and Moroccans, which is my favorite part of living in New York it is really the melting pot of the US. I met a ton of new people and they met a peacock.

friends on halloween

It’s all about friends like these.

Carpe diem guys,