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Amazing Memories

This winter break was the best break I have had at FIT thus far. It really helped me get focused and ready to go back again. I had so many adventures with friends and family, that I will always cherish. This was also the first time I didn’t take an online class over break, which was definitely why I relaxed just a little bit more. The beginning of break you saw my adventure blog posts, I went to Atlantic City ( won some money), and hang out with some friends. SO much more has happened since then.

afefaeMy best friend turned 21!( She is in the red dress) so for her birthday we went to PACHA in NYC. It was one of the coolest places I have had the pleasure of going to. There was two floors, a basement, all kinds of entertainment, and guest appearances. PACHA was actually very safe and well monitored. We had a blast, keep in mind if you want to go out for the night it can be a little pricey. Also you have to be over 19 to get in.

wdlHere is another picture of us before we got there. My two best friends Nadia ( next to me) and Ashvini ( birthday girl on the opposite end). They live at an apartment on campus. They all go to Rutgers, which is a few short minutes away from my hometown. Definitely one of the best memories I made over break.





naOne of the biggest things that happened over break was my best friend wasn’t aloud to go back to her school for the semester because she failed a class. This is a very devastating time in your life if it happens to you. It has happened to me, and many of my friends. Not as bad as not going back to school, because each school is different. But it definitely messed up my schedule the past two semesters. But hey, it is ok and you will get through it. Your not alone, I promise. It may seem like your world is ending, but failing at something just means your going to be ten times better at it the next time, or maybe not but that’s fine too. You just have to find yourself and what works for you. But on the plus side I now have my best friend home for the semester ( so I will have some great stories :) )


I also met up with my old friend Elliot, who I used to work with a long time ago. He really motivated me at the gym, and is a jujitsu fighter so he taught me a couple things. You always need to know how to defend yourself in the city, especially girls remember that. Sadly we only started hanging out towards the end of break, and now I’m back at school. But who knows there might even be a little love interest there:) You’ll find out soon, keep reading!



I even made some money over break. I worked like crazy, because we all know back to school can be expensive. ( the picture only has about 9 dollars in it haha). But I made more then that trust me. All and all I had a great winter break, with lots of laughter, adventures, and great memories. I’m going to miss everyone back home but I’ll be home. It’s never the same though ,once I’m back at school… But this semester hold a lot of crazy adventures and actives ,so stay tuned!

Xoxo Kailee




Blush Magazine

Looking back on my first semester, there were definitely good and bad moments.  Some of my best moments happened with Blush Magazine; the beauty and fashion magazine here at FIT.  I found out about the club at the Club Fair at the beginning of the year.  I signed up to be on the email list and I marked down that I’d be interested in doing the photography for the magazine.  I have met some incredibly nice, creative, and amazing people within the club that are all very passionate about the same things that I am.  Blush Magazine comes out with a new issue seasonally and we published our Winter 2013 issue in December.  I am the Senior Photo Editor for the magazine and I couldn’t be happier.  I highly recommend joining Blush Magazine and any clubs that you are interested in.  It can really enrich your FIT experience and you have incredible opportunities to meet some pretty fantastic people.

Winter Issue of Blush Magazine

Winter Issue of Blush Magazine


All Work and No Play Makes Emily a Dull Girl

This trip to Panamá is an International Trade and Marketing class where each student is responsible for researching and presenting a report on a topic of his or her own choice. It requires quite a bit of preemptive secondary research to be done before landing in Panamá, as well as a lot of on site research. However, that doesnot mean that this trip is all business.

We have visited many companies and organizations – some that are extremely serious and focused on the business of the Panamá canal in the Free Trade Zone, as well as the United States Embassy in Panamá. (To be honest much of these excursions went over my head as I do not posses the ITM background that would have made them really stand out for me.) However, it is important to also experience the culture of the country. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

The Panamá Canal turns 100 this year!

The Panamá Canal turns 100 this year!

It’s not my fault it’s snowing in New York and I get to lay on the beach

Traditional Panamanian dancing

French Conversation in Paris

Panamá will be the second interim class I have taken abroad. The summer after my freshman year I took the French Conversation in Paris class. Needless to say, Paris was amazing and I would return there in a heartbeat. The “class” part was really morning reviews of what we would have learned in earlier classes as well as discussions about what we did the day before and what we were going to do that day.  The class mostly consisted of trips around Paris and sometimes the outlying areas. We lived very centrally in Paris on Rue de Sèvres across from Le Bon Marché. It was amazing to go out every day and see a new part of Paris.

Obviously the first thing was bought the cheapest wine we could find and drank it on the Seine

Obviously, a class like this all depends on previous experiences with the French language, as well as your willingness to become part of a new culture. I have to say many of my classmates seemed uncomfortable with their French and would often shy away from using it out of embarrassment. If I had one piece of advice it would be to immerse yourself as much as possible! Trust me, everyone knows you are not French, but if you really try to speak the language as best you can and are polite most people will find you endearing…and then switch to English. Also, the best parts of Paris are the places most people could not find if they were only there for one week. Yes, the famous monuments are amazing and you should visit them (I mean, who wants to say they lived in Paris for three weeks and never went to the top of l’Arc de Triomphe?)  But some of the best memories I have are going to little restaurants late at night with just a few friends and trying to see if we could get the waiter to believe we were really Parisian, or making a midnight picnic on the lawn under the Eiffel Tower. This is where you will meet people who not only are friendly, but will also most likely strike up a conversation with you, and tell you about even better places to go! Being in one city for three weeks allows you to see everything that interests you. For example, a tiny museum on the outskirts of Paris was having a show on Balenciaga and Comme des Garçons that I would definitely not have been able to see on a normal tourist trip. I don’t know if I have ever been more proud of myself than after I realized I could walk the streets of Paris without a map (it was the central part of Paris, but still).

One evening my friends and I went to the famous cafe just to read and drink chocolat chaud

Study abroad programs during the summer and winter are really amazing, especially if there is anything stopping you from studying abroad for an entire semester or year. Also, the classes are much more relaxed and give you a feeling of the city that I think compares to spending a whole semester there but having more classes.

Giverny, where Monet painted the Water Lilies

Jim Morrison’s grave in Père Lachaise Cemetery


Winter in New York

“It was winter in New York as the snow began to fall…” -Ragtime (Pardon my inner theatre geek)

Winter in New York City is just as incredible as everyone says it is.  While yes, it is absolutely freezing, it is incredibly beautiful.  There are certain things that you have to do whether or not you believe in being a “tourist” in the city.
Here are my top 6 essentials/todo list in the city to survive the winter:

  1. Wear good boots!  You don’t want your feet to be cold or wet from the slush and snow on the streets.  Don’t leave the dorms or your apartment thinking “Oh, I’ll be fine” because you will be miserable within the first 10 minutes.
  2. Get a warm coat.  Just like #1, you need to stay warm.  I highly recommend a coat that goes past your waist to keep more of your body warm.
  3. Accessories are a requirement.  Break out all your beanies, gloves, scarves, and fuzzy socks because the time is now.  Comfy and cute is a fashion statement, people!
  4. Go see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree!  It really is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Anyone who follows you on Instagram will immediately envy the legendary and beautiful tree that is right before your eyes.
  5. Go ice skating!  Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center have fantastic rinks.  The holidays and wintertime will really hit you when you’re on the ice and it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.
  6. Central Park in the wintertime.  Do I need to say more?

Stay warm!

Ho, Ho, Ho.. A bit Later

Hey guys, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a feast (and got those shoes they were secretly hoping for). Even though Christmas is technically over (here in DR it isn’t over until January 6th ) there is still plenty of Christmas spirit going on in the streets. If this is your favorite holiday and you are still in NYC take a stroll outside down Madison Avenuenutcracker Radio City Music HallTrainReindeersChristmas LightsChristmas  Balls(I understand it’s freezing but quick snap chats to make your friends jealous will make it worth it). Every block is nicely decorated with lights, trees, nutcracker and so much more. Downton Abbey truckThere is also a Downton Abbey Truck giving out free tea and biscuits (in my worst English accent) right by Bryant Park. You could also proclaim your love in the snow for fun as I usually do (although, I’m not sure this car owner would agree haha).Car Snow






On the other hand you could sit at home, and upload pictures of all your gifts and brag about them (like I will do in a few). Well, first I’m really proud that I got my mom two pairs of Manolo Blahniks (yep, you heard right and on a student budget). Manolo BlahnikSeriously no joke, it is one of the perks of being at a fashion school, your friends get to work at sample sales and shoes like these are at a special discount price for them such as (GUESS… nope.. LOWER.. nope…LOWER) ok, I’ll tell you $25 a pair.




Second, I’m delighted with the pearl necklace my boyfriend got me (delighted is an understatement, I have fallen in Love).Majorica Git bagPearl Necklace







Please feel free to brag about your gifts :) , can’t wait!

Carpe Diem,


Winter Break Adventures- #2!


As you all may or may not know back at home in New Jersey I work for an Italian restaurant, they are literally like my family. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work, everyone is so nice and they really appreciate you. So I wanted to do something for them to give back a little. One of the guys I work with named Carlo, had his niece and her boyfriend coming from Italy and they had to see NYC.

We had such a fun filled day, first we went to the mall to buy jeans and clothes for them ( don’t ask me why but people from Europe love our jeans). It was very hard for me at first because I was the only one that spoke English, I can understand Italian to some extent but I cant hold an entire conversation.  So I felt very out of place , but then we went out to lunch and his niece and I automatically bonded, what girl no matter where your from doesn’t love shopping and food!

Soon it was time to go back to work and pick everyone up to head to New York. We ended up taking three cars with everyone, Carlo ( the pizza guy ) his niece and her boyfriend, Joe( one of the other servers), Mino ( Chef) and Mino’s daughters and his girlfriend. There was so many of us, it was hard to keep track of everyone on the parkway.

Finally we were getting close, everyone in the car was freaking out because it was there first time in New York. Taking pictures of the buildings, with each other, of all the traffic, of everything you could possibly think of. We parked on 8th avenue and 30th street, at a place called the park and lock ( it was really cheap). Then we walked up towards school and met up with my friend Nicole ( one of the girls I’ve written about from school before). They were amazed by all the buildings and especially our school. They kept asking me ” You come here everyday” ” Don’t you love it” ” Your so cool”, which living in NYC must be amazing, but commuting isn’t always as fun.  Everyone was all together now and I had to take them onto the subway so we could get to times square. It was about six o’clock and at that point the subways are packed ( Its rush hour ).  We had to try to squeeze about 20 people in one subway car to stick together, I didn’t think it was going to be possible but we did it! We went to times square went to the TOYS R US, took pictures with  the characters, ate some pretzels and dirty water dogs, and had a ton of fun! If you’ve never been to times square I highly suggest it the two best times to go are in the summer, and right before Christmas you see a lot of interesting things.

-  That’s us in the subway ( from left to right ) Carlo, Nicole, Me, Joe.

Make sure you pay the characters, they work for tips and they will bug you after if you don’t tip them ( I learned the hard way ) I never took a picture with a character in times square before!

Then last but not least we made our way to the tree, there faces lite up as they saw it in front of them, I don’t know why but my favorite thing to see in NYC is peoples faces the first time they see anything, they look at it with such beauty and awe. When your in the city everyday that look in your eyes gets taken away from you, you become a New Yorker, its a part of everyday life.


Just being away for a few days gave me that twinkle back to appreciate everything in the city. It made me feel amazing to be able to show people around and tell them about everything, and impress them with my navigating skills.

We had such a nice time, if you get a chance go see the tree before Christmas!- XOXO Kailee

Winter Break Adventures- #1

My winter break so far has been filled with awesome experiences! My first one was last Tuesday, I went to Atlantic City ( In New Jersey, where I live). It was my first time ever there, it was an incredible experience. My mom had a Christmas party for work, so my sister in law decided to join her, but that day in New Jersey we ended up having a snow storm, basically closing down all the roads. So we waited it out then went way later on. Driving there was such torture, I was so excited to go and just see what I’ve been missing out on all this time, and we had to drive slow because of the snow and ice, it dragged on.

Finally we got there, my eyes instantly light up it was like the first time I ever saw FIT. There was so much to look at,  my eyes were going everywhere trying to take it all in. We pulled into the parking garage at the Tropicana tore off our coats and ran inside. First we got some dinner, we ate at HOOTERS ( My first time there too), cant say it was all I expected it to be, but the night went on. Then we decided to walk around the little shops and find some dessert, we found this little Italian place with these delicious looking desserts in the case. Tara ( my sister in law) and I looked at each other and just knew what we were getting. We found a little table and sat down and began to eat, as we were eating someone dropped money on the floor. We waited about 15 minutes to see if anyone would come back to claim it, but no one did! So I ran and grabbed it, it was only six dollars but it was more then we had before.

We finished eating our desserts , and we talked about going to gamble the free money we just found. ” Sure let’s try it ” I said to Tara as we cleaned up our table. I love my sister in law for the pure fact that she is so energetic and excited about everything, you could be eating an apple and she could make it exciting. So you can imagine our walk into the casino, well we were basically running going back and forth ” Kailee which do you want to play first” ” I don’t know just pick one ” ” No ! you pick!” . Finally after gambling away the dollar on the penny machines , we went to a Wheel of fortune machine. Tara put the money in and told me to hit the button, we patiently waited to see what would happen next.

… we won a SPIN! meaning you get a chance to win money. So we pulled the lever and we won not 100,, not 200.. not 300.. but 1,200. FIRST TRY! with the money we found! so we quickly cashed out and split the money between us. We figured we didn’t want to push our luck much more, but I was hooked, so I went back to the same machine to play once more and… we won again! this time only 32 dollars but hey it was still free money! By this point we figured its time to call it quits, don’t want to push our luck to much. The whole drive home the only things we were saying ” Can you believe that!?”  ” I cant believe we just won that much money!” ” I’m not going to work tomorrow” ” I cant wait to tell everyone!” all while calling my parents, my brother, my friends, we were so excited.

My winter break started off with lots of money, it was wonderful. How did yours start off? Have you ever been to AC? If you haven’t I highly suggest it, its an awesome place to go with friends. Its approximately  2 1/2- 3 hours from FIT. It isn’t bad, and you’ll make amazing memories I promise! ( But don’t forget to invite me! haha)

Happy Holidays everyone! xoxo Kailee



Am I in Heaven?

Today I went on a chocolate tour of New York City. I know, I am in heaven.

My friend Olivia’s dad got her tickets to this chocolate extravaganza for her birthday and she invited me to go with her because she is the best. Also, it was a perfect way to celebrate the end of the semester! Olivia and I actually met in one of our orientation meetings the first week of freshman year and three years later we’re still super close, so yeah, don’t skip those orientation things because that actually happens.

Anyway, this chocolate tour was AMAZING. Olivia and I actually lived together for a semester and it is safe to say that I made a giant batch of fudge about every other week, so chocolate is an integral part of our relationship. If you’re interested in taking the tour you can do so here, or if you want to recreate the walk on your own time I’ll tell you about all the amazing places we went:

1. Li-Lac Chocolates – An adorable shop on Jane and 8th. They have been supplying the West Village with chocolate since 1923 and are one of the only companies to still hand dip their chocolate. After tasting their dark chocolate and almond toffee I couldn’t resist buying some oftheirfudge. I haven’t tried it yet because I’m saving to share it with my family over break, but I’m sure it’s going to be amazing

2. Chocolate bar – 8th Ave between Jane and West 12th – Get the hot chocolate. Just do it. Although I love me some Sarabeth’s hot chocolate mix for when I’m at home, Chocolate bar’s “liquid chocolate” hot chocolate was so creamy and delicious. PLUS you can get different flavors like spicy pepper, mint, caramel, etc.

3. Magnolia Bakery – Magnolia Bakery is a must for anyone. There are many different locations that are relatively easy to get to, but no matter where you go, be prepared for a line. Magnolia is famous among New Yorkers and Tourists alike, but for good reason. Their airy cupcakes topped with sweet butter cream are to die for, and the banana cream pudding is known to be a show stopper.

4. Milk & Cookies Bakery – Commerce St. between 7th Ave South and Bedford St – we tried the double chocolate chip cookies which were so delicious, but this small bakery is more known for its bacon cookie. Yes you heard right, bacon cookie. Do you want your breakfast inside your dessert? You’ve found the right place

5. Bisous Ciao – This tiny shop on Stanton between Ludlow and Orchard specializes in the French favorite, macaroons. Personally, I prefer macaroons made in Paris with the traditional flavors, but if any New Yorker is in a pinch they can head down to Stanton. Another perk, the gelato king Laboratorio del Gelato is only a couple doors down

6. Xocolatti – Corner of Prince and Thompson streets – They specialize in the kind of chocolate you don’t want to eat because it just looks so pretty in the box, but do it. Just do it.

7. Pasticceria Bruno – LaGuardia Place between Bleeker and West Housten – the best cannoli in New York. That’s what they say anyway. Unfortunately for me, I do not like cannolis, they’re just too sweet for me. However, anyone who does like cannolis should head over here because this title is not just something they made up; Bobby Flay lost his throw down to these guys!


A Night With Janis Joplin

Before we even get into this post, I need to ask you something: do you know who Janis Joplin is? If not, I’m gonna need you to open up a new tab and Google her right now. Wait, I’ll make it easy for you. I love Janis. I love her because she was flawed (she died at 27 of a drug overdose after a constant battle with alcoholism), but she let her passions drive her and put everything she had into her songs. Of course when I heard Janis was coming to Broadway I knew I wouldhave to see the show.

Finally, I went last weekend with a friend who studies theater at NYU. We did rush tickets and got front row seats. Yep, front row. Right in the middle too! All for the low, low price of $30. Rush tickets are a godsend for anyone who is interested in theater. These tickets are sometimes only available for students, so be sure to take advantage of it as much as you can before graduating. The policy for rush tickets differs for every show but usually it entails a certain number of tickets go on sale the day of the show either when the box office opens in the morning or two hours before curtain. The price and location of the seats varies, but I have usually only paid between $30 and $40 per ticket and gotten seats very close to the stage. (I was in the sixth and then second row forHow to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying – I saw it twice)

If you like Janis, or are interested in the history and development of rock and roll music A Night With Janis Joplin is a great show to see. It is done in the style of a concert with interludes of storytelling and guest appearances from other famous and influential blues singers. As much as I loved the show, I do think that it would have been more successful if it was done in a smaller, underground concert space without any seats. The actors are constantly trying to interact with the audience the way a performer would at a real concert, but the austerity of the grand “Broadway” theater and the etiquette it demands made the interactions awkward. Other than that, the costumes were amazing, the on-stage band was fantastic, the supporting cast, although small, was show stopping and the leading lady was an almost identical embodiment of Janis herself. If you bothered to click on the links I provided, you would know Joplin’s voice is extremely distinctive and her style of singing, speaking and moving are alien to the modern person, yet Mary Bridget Davies nails her performance. You have to get into the spirit of Janis Joplin to really enjoy the show, but it is definitely worth it.

And if Joplin doesn’t float your boat, take advantage of the multitude of other theater options that offer discount rush tickets!