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Notes From The 6 Train: The Director’s Cut


Last week felt like an unofficial movie week for the FIT community. We were lucky enough to have two movies & their directors come to hold discussions and answer questions. Monday, as Jaiah mentioned, Spike Lee came to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Do The Right Thing.” Do The Right Thing is a movie about the events that take place in Brooklyn on a particularly hot & crazy day. As a fan of Spike, I had already seen the movie, but I have never been lucky enough to view it on a large screen such as the one in the FIT auditorium. This movie is so iconic, that it was quite a special treat to hear Spike’s thoughts about the film, it’s impact and the relevancy to U.S. society. I know Spike often gets a bad rap for being too outspoken, and though he does has his fair share of slip ups, I can appreciate a celebrity that openly speaks their mind and isn’t afraid to talk about issues that matter, even if that makes them subject to public ridicule.


That’s exactly what both he and, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, the director of Blackfish did last week. Blackfish was an emotional roller coaster. It started off pleasant enough, showcasing all the smile stained faces in the audience at Seaworld. Then the documentary slowing starting shifting from the “happy” killer whales at Seaworld to the more sinister side of this fish paradise. From one of the fisherman who helped to catch the first orcas for Seaworld, ( which was over 40 years ago), to past, but recent, employees at Seaworld. The documentary did a good job of letting both sides speak about the death, or near death of several Seaworld employees while interacting with the orcas. The director, and one of the former employees from the movie, did a good job of remaining unbiased during the Q & A session when some pretty difficult questions were asked of them. They talked about the intertwined complexities of the orcas, employees and business of Seaworld. Both of these movies are definitely must sees.

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