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Have Yourself a Bizarre Holiday


It’s not everyday that your college lobby is transformed into a boutique, full of new and gently-worn designer womenswear including clothing, shoes and accessories. Then again, there’s no college like FIT! The grand opening of the Holiday Bizarre Pop-up Shop was today, Tuesday November 19th and is scheduled to run through Saturday November 23rd in the Pomerantz lobby,  everyday from 11 am – 8 pm and is open to the public. This year the Holiday Bazaar teamed up with The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Thrift Shop who provided all of the merchandise. All sales benefit the thrift shop, which supports patient care, education, and research programs at the Cancer Center.

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping (YAY!) and with that comes some of New York’s best pop-up shops. However, this is no ordinary pop-up. FIT is hosting a Surrealist-themed holiday shop designed, installed, and merchandised by students in the Visual Presentation and Exhibit Design program! I must say I was amazed at how the D building lobby was transformed. The students who were involved in designing and building the pop up shop did a fantastic job. I felt as if I was walking into a Rene Magritte painting filled with Catherine Malandrino gowns, Alexander Wang boots and Rag & Bone jeans – it was like a dream!

Unfortunately, all of the merchandise being sold is for women so I wasn’t able to find anything particularly for me. However if you’re looking for that special something to give to your girlfriend, mother or sister this holiday, the FIT Holiday Bizarre Pop Up Shop is the place to go! Womenswear, shoes, bags, and jewelry are displayed in the cozy shop with prices ranging from $40 to $300.


I don’t know about you, but anything with the word “holiday” in front of it and you’ve got my attention! Now begins my absolute favorite time of the year. If you happen to be on campus, it is definitely worth your time to check out the pop-up shop! Not only is the shop for a great cause, but it’s so awesome to see the spectacular talent and artistry that is present in this institution. Look at it this way, class goes by a lot faster when you can go shopping in the lobby right after ;)

xx, Brendan

When I Need to “Think…”

In a perfect world, I get all my homework done the day it is assigned. I come home from my 3 hour class, not at all mentally or physically drained from the lecture. In a perfect world, I repress the desire to jump into my perfect bed and watch hours of Breaking Bad and eat waaay too many pretzels. Instead, in this wonderful, magical, flawless world I take out my notebook and textbook and get down to business; writing paper after paper, reading and absorbing hundreds of pages of the textbook. “I’m such a wonderful student, la di da di da di da” I sing beautifully as the neighborhood bluebirds, bunny rabbits and baby deer shyly peek out from the bushes and begin to gather round. They allow me to pet and serenade them, like all the Disney Princesses that came before me…

WAIT A MINUTE! Unfortunately, we live in a very imperfect world, where scenarios like this one almost never happen. Well, I am a pretty good student but that whole part about hours of Breaking Bad and pretzel binging…yeah, that happens a little more often than I’d like to admit.

Here’s my problem – sometimes when I’m trying to get work done in my dorm room, I find it very hard to remain concentrated and not get distracted by the calls coming from my bed. “Lay with me Brendan, take a little break! You know you want to,” she says in that demure, irresistible voice of hers.

While ignoring my bed’s attempts at distracting me, I remind myself that I live in New York City! There are thousands of places I could go to get some work done. No one has chained me to my chair and desk, for God’s sake! Did someone say coffee shop?

So I did some research and came across Think Coffee. I “think” I really love it, hehe. They have multiple locations across the island, but I’ve found that I really enjoy the one located on 8th avenue between 13th and 14th street. (It’s also the closest location to where I live) This location is very spacious, including a whole back room with plush leather booths and wooden tables with benches, allowing for multiple people to sit together.

The chocolate brown leather booths and wooden tables are accented nicely by the wooden, steel and glass detailing of the walls. The warm glow coming from the scances provide enough light to get work done while making you feel comfortable and cozy (which is perfect since it’s getting colder outside.)

Did I mention the coffee is great AND they have free wifi?! I’m actually sitting in Think as I write this blog and tonight I decided to order an Iced Chai, a staple drink I can never go wrong with. I’ve yet to try any of their food but they have different types of gourmet grilled cheese…that’s all I have to say.



I’ve found that being in a coffee shop, surrounded by fellow New Yorker’s who are either chatting with a friend, reading the newspaper, or getting work done themselves, motivates me to get my work done. There’s something about the vibe and energy that a coffee shop (especially Think) emits. I’m completely relaxed and focused with a good drink, good music while getting things done – what more could I ask for?

I “think” you would love Think Coffee! Do you have a favorite coffee shop in New York? Do you find getting out of your dorm helps you get work done? Comment below and let me know!

xx, Brendan

5 Miscellaneous Tips For FIT Freshmen

Before I left home to begin my freshman year at FIT, I was constantly picking the brains of my older siblings, older best friends and basically anyone who had once been a college freshman. I wanted to know anything and everything that could have been beneficial to me. Now my freshman year is behind me and the list of things I’ve learned is endless. You’ll learn by having your own experiences and making your own mistakes, like those who came before you and those who will follow after you. But here are some boiled down, super random tips that I wish I had known as an incoming freshman!

1. Meet your future friends at New Student Orientation

Although it’s not mandatory, orientation is a great way to meet other students during your first week (DUH!) In fact, some of my closest friends to this day I met in my orientation group. Some students choose to skip the orientation activities entirely but I think thats the wrong move! Student Life works so hard on putting together fun things for you to do on campus and around the city, you shouldn’t miss out!

2. Naps are your BFFAEAE

We’re teenagers, we love to sleep. That’s nothing new. But learning how to integrate naps into your schedule is super beneficial. If you have a few hours between a morning class and afternoon class, hop right into your bed, get cozy and sleep for about 30-45 minutes! You’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to learn. Just be sure to set an alarm to wake up in time!

3. Printing = $$$…Invest in your own printer

One thing I wish I had purchased before moving into my dorm is a printer. Preparing for a college dorm is super stressful as it is, and can cost a fortune. With college courses you’re required to print homework, essays, class notes, powerpoint slides etc. The FIT Library offers printing but you have to pay for it. If you don’t have your own printer, a weeks worth of printing from the library can begin to add up. It’s also super convenient having a printer where you live rather than a different building.

4. Going to the cafeteria rarely requires a cute outfit

Yes, we go to FIT, it’s obvious we all have a great sense of style. Yet we’re also college students that need to eat when we’re hungry, which is basically all the time. Attending one of the most fashionable schools in the nation, there are pressures to live up to it’s “dress code.” Sometimes you may feel pressure to impress other students, however that quickly dissipates. It’s really not necessary to change your clothes just to walk from one side of the block to another. If you need to eat dinner, and you’re already comfortable in sweats and a hoodie, ROCK that hoodie and sweats in the caf! Life isn’t always a fashion show.

 5. You don’t always need EVERY textbook – just wait!

It’s always safe to order all of your textbooks before classes start, but I’ve learned that with some classes I don’t actually need the textbook. We all also know how expensive books can be each semester, so it’s worth waiting to know if you should actually spend the money or not. When the time comes to order, websites like Chegg or Amazon are perfect because you’re able to rent the textbooks for a much cheaper price and mail them back at the end of each semester.