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Noncredit Summer Intensives at FIT

Hi everyone,

Question: have you considered a career move to fashion styling or video production? Or are you already a seasoned designer or entrepreneur who is looking to savvy up their skill set?

Are you looking for branding, omni retailing, or data analytics skills to complement your executive arsenal? Do you know what’s going on in sustainable design?

Choose from a range of unique non-credit special summer programs at FIT!

Whether its consultations, certifications, showroom summits, trade shows or informational workshops, these hot-topic intensives are sure to give you the competitive edge to set you apart in the industry.

Classes have begun and are going on throughout the rest of the summer.

Take a look at out offerings and register here.


Graduation 2017

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Hi everyone,

CONGRATULATIONS! you successfully made it through the school year. Special congrats to the graduating class of 2017.

Watch as the graduating class is transformed from students to alumni. Essie Weingarten, of Essie Cosmetics, and LL Cool J were also honored as nearly 4,000 students received their degrees.


Production Management 101

Hi There,

As you guys may know I’m a Production Management major. I really want to dedicate a post to talking about my major because I feel like it an underdog at F.I.T. So I wanna tell you 3 things you need to know about Production Management.

  1. Production Management has an almost 100% job placement after you receive your degree.
    1. Almost everything we were or use in our daily lives had to be manufactured with the assistance of a Production Manager. So the industry is constantly looking to hire new Production Managers. Also their are so many different jobs you can do as a Production Manager that with this degree you can work in any part along the production process.   
  2. It’s more creative than you think.
    1. From a written description Production Management seems to be very technical or all about numbers. Now that is a big part of it but to be a good Production Manager you do have to be creative in some ways. For example you might receive a design from a designer and to create that garment exactly in their image it would be impossible. It might be too expensive or the fabric might not be the best, so you have to be creative and find a way to alter that design so it will be stylish, mass producible, and profitable.
  3. It’s one of the most versatile majors at F.I.T
    1. In the Production Management major you learn how to specifically produce garments. But the core principles of production are relatively the same across almost any industry. For example: whether you’re creating a dress or a soccer ball, you still need to know where to source the material, create a tech pack for the manufacture, and ship it to the retailer. So if you go out in the fashion industry and find you don’t enjoy producing garment you can take your Production Management knowledge and produce another product that you enjoy.  

So when you’re thinking about a major don’t forget to consider Production Management. Trust me you won’t regret it. 

Jacob, signing off!

Saying Goodbye

It’s truly hard for me to believe that the day is actually here.  This post will be my last post as an Admissions Blogger.  When the Admissions Office was first starting the Admissions Blog 4 years ago in October of 2013, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.  18 year old, freshman me was excited for new opportunities in New York City and I was going to take advantage of every door that opened and every opportunity that knocked.  145 blog posts later, here I am; older, wiser, stronger, and a completely improved version of myself compared to 4 years ago.

Working for the Admissions Office allowed me to be a part of something greater than myself.  From working Junior Day to Admitted Students Day, it gave me perspective on how fortunate I was to go to such a prestigious university.  I can only hope that these blog posts and student events have helped some of you along the way and gave you some insight on life here at FIT.  I wanted to thank all of the fellow bloggers from when I started 4 years ago, to the current bloggers on the team, and to Joe, Mercedes, and Vernon for all being such incredible leaders.  Above all, thank you to FIT for providing me with a path, wonderful memories, and excitement for the future of my career.


Moving Out Tips

After having moving in and out of the dorms several times at this point, I consider myself to be a professional.  Moving out is no easy feat especially when you’re moving out at the exact same time as hundreds of other students, but here are some of my tips and tricks as to how to handle moving out like a pro:

  • Pack as much as you can into a suitcase.  They’re easy to transport and they hold quite a bit, while still being compact.
  • Use your declining balance to buy snacks for the road and water for the security guards
  • Take a look at your wardrobe.  Donate any clothes that you did not wear often throughout the school year.
  • Start taking down your room decorations prior to the move out date.  It makes things so much easier when you aren’t in a time crunch to remove all of your string lights and posters.
  • Do your laundry before you move out.  Try to have as minimal dirty clothes as possible, therefore you don’t have to keep things separate.
  • Get rid of your shower caddy for sanitation purposes.
  • Thank your parents or friends who are helping you move.  

Happy moving day and best of luck!