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First week fair at FIT

wearitm wearitm2

wearitm1Once again supporting WEAR IT MONDAY. I got my first bracelet today and let me tell you the discounts are really paying off. The places that the discounts available are listed above, along with why use WEAR IT MONDAY.


tutoringTo make an appointment or find out more about the tutoring center, follow the link below. Academic Skills Tutoring Center/ Dubinsky Center / Room A608B Tel.(212) 217-4080


The Gladys Marcus Library- Direct line 212.217.4386. If you ever need help in the library finding a book, researching, any questions, you can call this line. Or you can look for these familiar faces!

snFriendly students giving out food and drinks! Yes FREE food and drinks!


The office of Academic Advisement and Career center! The Advisement center also offers advisement on liberal arts and minors for all majors. To schedule an appointment, or for more information, please visit If you would like to obtain a job or internship contact them at 212.217.3000 or at

fincial aidReal people, real help. Now is the time to apply for financial aid and FIT is here to help! FIT has brought you SALT- a membership program created by the nonprofit American student assistance. This means you get real, live expert loan counselors. You can join now at or go to financial aid awareness week Febuary 3-6 from12-2 in the D&D lobby B lobby and 5th floor library!

llThe student volunteer center has a lot of fun actives to join in on this semester, check out the flyer below! The super bowl party looks like a ton of fun!spvl


This post is getting a little long so there is a part 2! Keep reading !

Xoxo Kailee


aWho doesn’t love this time of the year (NOT)…Well regardless of if we like it or not it has to be done. I know this is the time of the year when the most yelling occurs between me and my parents. Some of the questions my parents don’t even know half of the time. It can be very difficult if it is your first time and don’t have any help.

I claim that I am a dependent student meaning that my parents claim me and I have to provide all of there information. Also all of your information too. If it is your first time filling this out FASFA will ask you a series of questions to determine if your a dependent or independent student.

There is a few things you will need… your and/or your parents 2013 tax information. If you haven’t done them yet, that’s ok too! You can use the “income estimator” to help you speed up the process. You will also need to know what kind of taxes you file for (yes, there is more then two). Besides taxes your going to need your social security number and full name, how much is in your savings and checking, and same goes for your parents if they are doing this along with you.

When filling out FASFA if your applying to colleges for the first time ,and don’t know which you are going to yet you can list up to ten colleges to see how much aid you will get for each.

If you are applying for a summer session, contact the financial aid office at your college to find out which school year you should select when you complete your FAFSA.” HUGE TIP, I did not know this and once I accidently chose the wrong time frame and it messed up my entire FASFA, so make sure you have every bit of information correct!

Last but not least make sure you have your STUDENT AID PIN handy for the end, you will need this to sign the document at the very end. If you do this every year this process is a lot easier for you, FASFA usually saves all the information and you only have to put in a few key things. If this is your first time or second time, I wish you luck through this long treacherous process.

But hey it’s money!

Xoxo Kailee

Amazing Memories

This winter break was the best break I have had at FIT thus far. It really helped me get focused and ready to go back again. I had so many adventures with friends and family, that I will always cherish. This was also the first time I didn’t take an online class over break, which was definitely why I relaxed just a little bit more. The beginning of break you saw my adventure blog posts, I went to Atlantic City ( won some money), and hang out with some friends. SO much more has happened since then.

afefaeMy best friend turned 21!( She is in the red dress) so for her birthday we went to PACHA in NYC. It was one of the coolest places I have had the pleasure of going to. There was two floors, a basement, all kinds of entertainment, and guest appearances. PACHA was actually very safe and well monitored. We had a blast, keep in mind if you want to go out for the night it can be a little pricey. Also you have to be over 19 to get in.

wdlHere is another picture of us before we got there. My two best friends Nadia ( next to me) and Ashvini ( birthday girl on the opposite end). They live at an apartment on campus. They all go to Rutgers, which is a few short minutes away from my hometown. Definitely one of the best memories I made over break.





naOne of the biggest things that happened over break was my best friend wasn’t aloud to go back to her school for the semester because she failed a class. This is a very devastating time in your life if it happens to you. It has happened to me, and many of my friends. Not as bad as not going back to school, because each school is different. But it definitely messed up my schedule the past two semesters. But hey, it is ok and you will get through it. Your not alone, I promise. It may seem like your world is ending, but failing at something just means your going to be ten times better at it the next time, or maybe not but that’s fine too. You just have to find yourself and what works for you. But on the plus side I now have my best friend home for the semester ( so I will have some great stories :) )


I also met up with my old friend Elliot, who I used to work with a long time ago. He really motivated me at the gym, and is a jujitsu fighter so he taught me a couple things. You always need to know how to defend yourself in the city, especially girls remember that. Sadly we only started hanging out towards the end of break, and now I’m back at school. But who knows there might even be a little love interest there:) You’ll find out soon, keep reading!



I even made some money over break. I worked like crazy, because we all know back to school can be expensive. ( the picture only has about 9 dollars in it haha). But I made more then that trust me. All and all I had a great winter break, with lots of laughter, adventures, and great memories. I’m going to miss everyone back home but I’ll be home. It’s never the same though ,once I’m back at school… But this semester hold a lot of crazy adventures and actives ,so stay tuned!

Xoxo Kailee




The best of both worlds!( Life Hacks)

Hey everyone! Yes this is yet again another post about back to school, but I promise it is the best one of all. I bet you cant wait for another year of learning, along with cafeteria food ( YUCK, Actually FIT cafeteria food is pretty good) less than – the rich and famous housing and the occasional party or two. So here is a few tips to make dorm life and commuting a little more manageable.

fs#1. This one is for the dormers, with summer slowly ( very slowly) approaching. If your AC in your dorm is inadequate of just nonexistent this is the trick for you. You can cool your room down instantly by hanging a damp towel in a window. If your room has a fan set it to run counter clockwise. Which creates an updraft, for the best cooling experience.

#2. No- cook scrambled eggs! Being a commuter student and I’m sure dorm students also, don’t always have access to the kitchen. So all you need is a microwave and a mug. Crack a few eggs, microwave for 90 seconds, remove, stir, microwave for another 90 seconds, the Bon Appetite!

ocee#3.Brew Coffee without a coffee maker! Don’t have a coffee maker or money for that oh so expensive Starbucks? Here is the trick… Use a disposable cup, filter and rubber band to make a one size fits all filter ,for your favorite mug! Just add some hot water and your ready to brew.

#4.College isn’t the best atmosphere to get a good nights sleep but fear not, the body’s natural sleep cycles are regulated  by exposure to light. So when its time for bed lights out or get a mask to cover your eyes ( because that pesky room mate always stays up all night).

Just remember spring break is just a few short weeks away, keep up the good work, stay healthy, and get some sleep!

XOXO, Kailee



Only a few days away…

untitledHey everyone! I’m currently sitting in snowy New Jersey awaiting the snow to melt and well the first day of school. For most it is a very exciting day, you get to see your friends, it is your first day, you get to see your new professors, ect. The one thing I am looking forward to is going to my lighting class. Since we were assigned a professor, I have been receiving emails about different expos and events to go to around the city. A lot of my professors have done that but not all of them. It was very exciting for me, to see my professor so into our class, and willing to teach/show us as much as possible. Just those emails alone got me more interested in the upcoming semester. Lighting design is one of my block courses for my major ( interior design).

Another class that I am looking forward to is my creative writing class, besides interior design I love English. My professor last semester (that I featured in an earlier blog) made writing so fun and a great way to express myself. I am hoping that this class will be just as interesting. I love taking liberals at FIT because I get to meet people from all different majors. My favorite thing in the world is seeing someone talk about there passion and explain it to someone who knows nothing about it.

I am so excited to start school on Monday, I can’t wait to see all of my friends and all of you also! DON’T BE AFRAID TO SAY HELLO TO ME( haha) if you see me around campus, I don’t bite I promise. I’m always here to answer questions and give you support when needed.

Good luck everyone!

XOXO, Kailee

FIT is Alert

One of the many services that I find useful from FIT is our Emergency Messaging System called FIT Alert (which you are enrolled automatically into). This system sends out emergency communications to students about weather conditions (excellent because it might save you the commute) public health emergencies, floods, fires and violence on campus. You will receive these alerts via email but you can also opt to receive them in the forms of text messages and/or phone calls.

Useful Phone Numbers

This initiative is part of the college’s Emergency Preparedness plan to make sure we are all safe and secure as a community and on-campus during emergencies (like the annoying fire drills, yep they ARE necessary). If you log into MyFIT you will see a tab at the top (the fourth one from left to right) in which you will be able to review and confirm your information. MYFIT website alertFIT Alert is updated weekly and once you graduate you will be automatically removed (so don’t worry about sending it to your junk mail once you’re gone).

Carpe Diem,


PS: As for me I keep getting storm update alerts but honestly I don’t care because here at Rome, la vita e bella! A post is soon to come about my first week here. Ciao, a presto!

Strengths and Weakness’

As the spring semester approaches we need to prepare ourselves to be mentally strong. We all have our break down moments durning the semester, but if we keep these few things in mind we will have a very calm semester!

1. Keep control. Don’t give away your power, your strong, intelligent, and most importantly unstoppable!

2.Embrace Change. Welcome new changes, it may be new friends or a new way your teacher suggests to do your project. Embrace it, it may change you for the better. Be willing to take calculated risks.

3.Stay happy. Don’t complain. Don’t waste your energy on things you cant control.

4.Be kind. Fair, and unafraid to speak up. Don’t worry about pleasing other people.

5.Be willing to fail. Don’t give up after failing. See failure as a chance to improve. Don’t resent others success, celebrate with them.

6.Expand your mental energy wisely. Don’t spend time on unproductive thoughts.

7.Reflect on their progress everyday. They take time to consider what they have achieved and where they are going.

8.Enjoy your time alone. Sometimes being alone helps us evaluate ourselves and grow. Don’t ever fear being alone.

9.Believe in “staying power”. Don’t ever expect immediate results.

10.Aceept your feelings- without being controlled by them.

Just keep in mind the past doesn’t mean anything now, it can’t control you. This semester is going to be a great one, so keep moving forward!

Xoxo- Kailee

Something I wish i knew before I started FIT

Hey everyone! Sorry you haven’t heard from me much, I’ve had the flu the first time ever in my life. ( Its been horrible) Anyways when I look back at my last few semesters there are some things that I wish I knew before I started FIT.

#1. MONEY, I saved some money before coming to school and work a lot while I am in school.. but I have never have enough money. Between books, food, class trips, the train, the subway, ect. My advice for this is if you have the ability to take out  extra money in your loan for the year. At least 1,500 extra, don’t go crazy and spend it, whatever you don’t use give back!

#2. The Commute. I know this doesn’t apply to everyone but part of this will. The commute does take a huge toll on my health , sanity , and relationships. I get sick a lot easier then I normally would, it definitely makes your immune system weaker because it really makes you tired. My sanity ( haha ) the people on the train drive me insane, one day ill write a post on my crazy train experiences and you will completely understand why. My relationships both at school and at home suffer greatly. When I want to stay late at school and have fun or do stuff with people I realize I cant stay to late because my trains start coming less and less the later it gets. Then once I’m home I am way to tired to go out with my friends or family and I have way to much work to do. The only plus side of commuting is I have an hour and fifteen minutes to do work. I have a portable Wi-Fi and my laptop I take with me everyday.

#3.Transfer credits. Be careful with transfer credits, for a lot of people your coming from other schools. I know for me if I went to community college and transferred to FIT majority of my  credits would not be accepted. I came to FIT straight out of High school, and my AP credits did not transfer. So if you ever want to know if they will or not,  they have special forms at FIT that you can fill out and find out before you take the course or before you decide to transfer.

I think majority of these things most people should consider before going to any college, I know personally these issues were far from my concerns when getting into and deciding about college. I got accepted to FIT and it was more like ” OMG I NEED TO GO SHOPPING” or ” I NEED TO TELL ALL MY FRIENDS” or ” MOOOMMM IM GOING TO NYC RIGHT NOW”.  When you get accepted your just happy you rarely think about all the other stuff. What are some things you wish you knew before starting FIT or college in general? Let’s talk about it.

xoxo, Kailee

Notes From the 6 Train: Holiday Trippin’

Unlike my fellow bloggers I am still in school. Finals are not over yet, tomorrow is my final final (HOORAY). It’s hard being one of the last lone wolves out here in these cold FIT hallways. However,  after the completion of my final I finally get to go home. How am I getting home you may ask? Plane? No, too predictable. Train? No. there’s no direct train from the city to my city. Boat? No, Atlanta isn’t an island ( though I have heard people refer to it as a state, when i’s actually just a city), it’s just in a state down south.

The bus! I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that like a 16 bus ride? Why yes, it is. I’m up for challenge though. My best friend just got back from London the other day and spent a lot of money traveling to Rome and Amsterdam, exploring and just doing amazing stuff. She is to spend next semester in Ghana, where she will probably do some more traveling and more amazing things. Obviously, she needs to begin to start saving money for the next world exploration. I, on the other hand, don’t expect support from my parents beyond school, and don’t mind paying for other things like books, food, transportation, etc. So, we decided in order to save money that we would take the bus together.

Also, I know this sounds a bit weird, but I’m kind of excited for the trip. It’s been months since I’ve seen my friend and I feel like this is one of those college things (or broke people things you do) and is a special rites of passage.  We’re going to make an adventure out it! The bus has free Wi-Fi & charger so we can watch movies, eat snacks, not to mention we have a lot of catching up to do. I like being pushed outside my comfort zone, and this is no different. I will let you all know how this adventure ends!

( The top photo is of the New York city skyline & the bottom is of the Atlanta skyline.)

All things Color, Love & Fashion,

Ayanna L.



Winter Break Adventures- #2!


As you all may or may not know back at home in New Jersey I work for an Italian restaurant, they are literally like my family. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work, everyone is so nice and they really appreciate you. So I wanted to do something for them to give back a little. One of the guys I work with named Carlo, had his niece and her boyfriend coming from Italy and they had to see NYC.

We had such a fun filled day, first we went to the mall to buy jeans and clothes for them ( don’t ask me why but people from Europe love our jeans). It was very hard for me at first because I was the only one that spoke English, I can understand Italian to some extent but I cant hold an entire conversation.  So I felt very out of place , but then we went out to lunch and his niece and I automatically bonded, what girl no matter where your from doesn’t love shopping and food!

Soon it was time to go back to work and pick everyone up to head to New York. We ended up taking three cars with everyone, Carlo ( the pizza guy ) his niece and her boyfriend, Joe( one of the other servers), Mino ( Chef) and Mino’s daughters and his girlfriend. There was so many of us, it was hard to keep track of everyone on the parkway.

Finally we were getting close, everyone in the car was freaking out because it was there first time in New York. Taking pictures of the buildings, with each other, of all the traffic, of everything you could possibly think of. We parked on 8th avenue and 30th street, at a place called the park and lock ( it was really cheap). Then we walked up towards school and met up with my friend Nicole ( one of the girls I’ve written about from school before). They were amazed by all the buildings and especially our school. They kept asking me ” You come here everyday” ” Don’t you love it” ” Your so cool”, which living in NYC must be amazing, but commuting isn’t always as fun.  Everyone was all together now and I had to take them onto the subway so we could get to times square. It was about six o’clock and at that point the subways are packed ( Its rush hour ).  We had to try to squeeze about 20 people in one subway car to stick together, I didn’t think it was going to be possible but we did it! We went to times square went to the TOYS R US, took pictures with  the characters, ate some pretzels and dirty water dogs, and had a ton of fun! If you’ve never been to times square I highly suggest it the two best times to go are in the summer, and right before Christmas you see a lot of interesting things.

-  That’s us in the subway ( from left to right ) Carlo, Nicole, Me, Joe.

Make sure you pay the characters, they work for tips and they will bug you after if you don’t tip them ( I learned the hard way ) I never took a picture with a character in times square before!

Then last but not least we made our way to the tree, there faces lite up as they saw it in front of them, I don’t know why but my favorite thing to see in NYC is peoples faces the first time they see anything, they look at it with such beauty and awe. When your in the city everyday that look in your eyes gets taken away from you, you become a New Yorker, its a part of everyday life.


Just being away for a few days gave me that twinkle back to appreciate everything in the city. It made me feel amazing to be able to show people around and tell them about everything, and impress them with my navigating skills.

We had such a nice time, if you get a chance go see the tree before Christmas!- XOXO Kailee