Orientations can be pretty boring so I don’t know if you heard this, but there are things at pretty much all colleges called “clubs”. Now wait, wait, I know it sounds a little lame BUT it really translates to “free awesome stuff”. Who doesn’t love free awesome stuff, especially poor students? Sure it takes some time out of your schedule, but it can be worth it.

For example, here in Italy, my school Lorenzo de’ Medici has clubs ranging from the physical to the intellectual. I joined an Italian cinema club, so I basically get to watch an Italian movie for free every Monday. Considering movies cost $13 minimum and it’s a Monday night so what else am I going to do, it is a pretty good deal. Even more excitingly, I joined another club called “Regions of Italy”. For this, I get three or four free restaurant lunches! The owner of the restaurant explains the specialties of a specific region of Italy and then each dish we eat. Last week, the first meeting was dedicated to Northern Italy (Lombardy, Milan, Emilia Romagna, Modena, etc.). We tried pumpkin risotto (which I got the recipe for an am TOTALLY going to try to make – more on that later), peperonata, Parmesan cheese with traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena,  two delicious wines (which I like to think helped me get that 98% on my first Italian quiz right after).

I’ll admit that I was hesitant to join any clubs at first, but I am so glad I just went for it. I mean I had nothing to lose and I now have delicious free lunches! Did I mention they’re free?



  1. Natalie Fritz

    Emily, are you a Fashion Design student? I am a junior in high school but I am hoping to attend FIT in the fall of 2015. Can you tell me more about the program in Milan, of that’s where you are. Are you studying there for the entire year. I am very interested in the fashion Design program at FIT and hope to learn more about the opportunities to learn and study abroad. Thanks for sharing your experiences here on the BLOG..

    — Natalie from Stafford, Virginia.

    1. Emily Post author

      Hi! Actually I got my Associates Degree in Fashion Design. I transferred to Fabric Styling for my Bachelors (I will be a Senior in the fall). I’m in Florence at Lorenzo de’ Medici right now, and my classmate and I are actually the first ones to be allowed to study abroad here from our major. We are just in Italy for the spring semester, so I’ll be back in New York by the fall. Sorry, it doesn’t seem like I’m helping you much. I know that you can go to Florence in the Associates program (as a Freshmen or Sophomore) or Milan for the year as a Junior or Senior for the Bachelors. Here is a link to the FIT study abroad for Fashion Design website if you haven’t seen it already: I hope that helps a little! I’ll be happy to answer any more questions if you have any!

      1. Natalie Fritz

        Hi Emily, thanks for responding so quickly to me. That’s awesome that you and your room mate are the first to experience a study abroad semester in your major in Florence. Florence is one of my Mom’s favorite cities in Europe. I hope to get there one day. Yes, I was aware of the study abroad program in Milan for Fashion Design majors in their 3 and/or 4 th years. I am attending the Junior Day on March 15 at FIT , so I am sure I can get further questions answered. Thanks again for your input and best wishes to you!



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