First week fair (Part two)

There were so many great tables at the first week fair I couldn’t possibly fit them all in one post, so here is some more!

cvThe department of student life, they are always at the best things going on at FIT. This time they had a raffle going on!

k studyFIT’s study abroad program! All of the programs are listed there is you want to find out anymore information you can go to

tachTech Help! Having a problem with your computer? the internet? angel? Go visit them in the C building- room c307a. There hours are Mon- Friday, 8:30-10pm. You can call them also at 212.217.HELP or email them at

syThe student association, such amazing people, vibrant and so much fun!

sustainabilty councilThe sustainability council at FIT. The eighth annual sustainable business and design conference people, planet, and prosperity: Measuring Our Impact. This will take place on April 8th from 8:30am to 5:30pm. More information will be posted at

resResidential Life department, always have the best give aways at FIT events.

athFIT athletics and recreation. Keep in mind any events that you may attend at FIT you must have your FIT ID and proper attire.

fitableThe office of FITABLE- the office of disability services at FIT is available to help everyone and anyone no matter what!divJoin FIT diversity council!

There was so much to see and do at the first week fair, any events on campus that are coming up I highly suggest you take time out of your busy schedule to go! You may even bump into me!:)

Xoxo Kailee


2 thoughts on “First week fair (Part two)

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    1. Kailee Post author

      Glad your enjoying the blog! Is there anything else you would like to see in the weeks to come? Are you a student or A blogger, or both?
      Xoxo Kailee


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