Applications are Due – 1 WEEK!

It’s the final countdown!  Applications are due 1 week from today – February 1st!

If you are a little confused about the application process, go to for extensive information about the process.  While I could just copy and paste all of that information into this blogpost, I don’t think that would be anymore helpful than the link itself.

My biggest advice for post-application nervousness is knowing that whatever happens happens.  There is nothing that you can do prior to receiving your letter from FIT about their decision so now is the time to have fun and explore.  Don’t sit in your house all day, staring at your phone or your computer screen waiting for an email to come to your inbox.  It will take time.  If you do not get into FIT, know that you can always transfer and reapply for another semester if you are unhappy with your college path.  Everything happens for a reason.  Put in a lot of hard work and dedicate yourself to what you really love.  If you love what you do.  You will be happy.


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