Future Schedule

With second semester upon us all, and winter break coming to a close, I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into my schoolwork.  I feel like I can better manage my time and schedule now after going through a semester here at FIT.  I’m looking forward to all of my classes, but there are some that I can’t wait to start.  I’m really looking forward to having Speech Dynamics in Group Communication which studies techniques of effective communication in the group process. I’m also looking forward to the Art & Practice of Self Defense. Yes, at FIT you do have to take a gym class, and if you are a photo major, you have to take two gym classes, but they can be tons of fun and a great stress reliever.  Notice how I discussed two liberal arts courses and not just photography major courses.  At FIT, there are very interesting and stimulating courses offered in liberal arts. They really break up the day and the week well and you get to have a break from the stresses of your major classes.  So liberal arts are in fact “good” for you, despite what you might hear.  What classes are you looking forward to taking in the future? Let me know down in the comments!


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