Traveling in NYC

Many of you may be from out of the state and be in need of traveling tips to head home for the much needed and deserved winter break.  Since I’m from Michigan, a plane ride back home is on the itinerary.  Here are some steps on how to make your break the smoothest and best one yet:

  1. Pack light.  While we are going to be away from FIT for about a month, you don’t need to pack everything that is in your dorm or apartment.  Pack all of the essentials and leave what you don’t need on an everyday or weekly basis back in the city.
  2. Check out of the dorms.  If you are living in the residence halls, be sure to officially check out in the lobby with your ID and student ID number.
  3. Plan ahead on how to get to the airport.  While taxis are constantly flowing throughout the city, I think it’s better to have your car service planned ahead of time, and it might be much, much cheaper!  You can take a personal Uber car to the airport or many airport shuttles such as NYC Airporter, SuperShuttle, and my personal favorite Go Airlink Shuttle (a shared van ride one way is $10.80! Super inexpensive!).
  4. Print out your boarding pass in advanced!  Save time at the airport and no waiting in lines!
  5. Have cash on you just in case.  Plus, there’s an Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop in the airports, so that’s basically a travel requirement.

Safe travels!

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