Notes From the 6 Train: Take a Chill Pill

What I’ve learned about exceeding during final time is to not let them stress you at. It’s all a mind game. Whatever you willing give your power to, you become a slave to. And who wants to be a slave to finals? In fact, who wants to be a slave to school? Not me. Obviously, we are all come to school for a reason; to thrive and to attain the very best education possible. We all know how competitive FIT is and it would be foolish to work so hard to get accepted, and then do poorly in classes. Yes, finals are important. But they don’t make you.

What helps me do well on final projects, group presentations and projects is another (school related, this time) mantra. “Don’t base your worth on grades.” After you graduate, I promise you that no one is going to ask about your GPA. Instead,they’re going to ask about your experiences, the friends you made, and the exciting adventures you took. (I’m not sure if I’m suppose to say this, oh well.) Once I’m able to remember this, I don’t allow myself to stress about finals. I just view them as another part  of the process, and set a schedule accordingly so that I;m cramming all studying in one night. I also do many of the things I discussed in my posts a few weeks about de-stressing through free yoga and mediation classes, and other resources offered from FIT.









Final lasts a few weeks at most and stressing yourself to the point of oblivion is useless. It’s easier to take each day at a time, and remember to breathe. I know it sounds silly, but try and enjoy it. If can afford it, sleep in for one those days, that your 8 am class is canceled! And take advantage of times you can do cool group projects just sometimes, like this one where we wore  sparkle and glitter while we presented!

Most of all, remember, you are not your GPA.

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3 thoughts on “Notes From the 6 Train: Take a Chill Pill

  1. Fred Franks

    Great article on how to relax, I tend to stress out over things I don’t have control over. But after reading this I will take time to think about whats in important too me!


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