Notes From the 6 Train: Let’s Meet

I’m Ayanna, or Aya. I figure to share just a bit about myself with you guys so that we can build a relationship. Would you trust a stranger? Great, neither would I. I’m from the West End in Atlanta. I lived in a community  of Muslims and Africans and smelled of cocoa butter and incenses. Once I graduated high school i started school at Georgia Southern University.The culture there was very different. It felt like cotton and fresh air. However, I wasn’t interested in joining a frat or wearing the school colors to go to the football games, so I knew it was time to move on. Somewhere in between then I traveled to Peru, Educador & South Korea.(I actually transferred to FIT while overseas, with a 13 hour time difference. It was hard, but certainly manageable, but if you have any  questions in  regards to that or just about transferring, I’m your girl.) I’ve experienced lots of different realities and yet none of them are like New York.  Now here I am at FIT! This is  my very first semester at FIT, and it has already been amazing and I am lucky to be able to document it for all of you, and for myself. Life in the city is hectic but sitting down and writing your journey will provide good, accurate resources for when you all write your fashion memoir. Of course, the first chapter about your amazing experience in the city and at FIT.

All things Color Love & Fashion,

Aya L.







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  1. haniyyah dixon

    What was your transfer process like? I decided that I wanted to transfer next year like a month ago but I feel like I am doing it wrong and I only have a few weeks left. If you could just let me know what you did that would be helpful! Thank you


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